Camping Tents, Hammocks, And Camping Gear


When it comes to Camping tents, hammocks, and figuring out what camping gear to bring, there’s almost too many choices to choose from to make blindly or without the opinion of someone who’s used the camping stuff. We’ve put together an exhaustive list of camping tents for the solo backpacker, to the Coleman Red Canyon tent large enough for the entire family! Some of the tents are better in warm weather Included in our discussion of some camping essentials are hammocks of all shapes and sizes. We’ve even included the essentials needed for freestanding hammocks, portable hammocks, hammock tents and other types of relaxing camping gear like camping chairs and such. Backpacking Hammocks can be something to look into if you are looking for something lightweight, yet super functional and unique.

We get it. Trying to enter this world can be a little daunting, but once you get comfortable with the verbiage and have the proper camping gear, there are fewer more rewarding and cost efficient things you can do, whether it is by yourself or with the entire family.

Camping Tents

If you’ve ever been camping and had one too many people in a tent or been out in the open air, with it raining, and you know the importance of bringing the right camping gear and more importantly having the right camping tents. Believe me, there is nothing worse that being a sardine in a tent, laying next to someone you just spent the whole day with hiking and sweating, only to spend the sleeping hours spooning each other. With the right tent for the job, you’ll preemptively avoid this fate, as so many have found themselves too late to do anything about it.

One insider tip we strongly and cannot strongly enough suggest is that BEFORE you go into the outdoors on the maiden voyage for your new shinny tent to set the tent up in your backyard first. You never know. Sometimes there is a broken part. Other times it takes you a little while to figure out. Sometimes you break the thing trying to figure it out. You never know. Don’t wait until you are hours from civilization to find out that you have absolutely no idea how to work the thing. This tip is real. You’ll be glad you spent the time to make absolutely sure everything is up to snub.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the camping tent options available on the market today.

2 Person Tent

Perfect for one or two people, the two person tent is obviously the most portable of the batch. Unless otherwise noted, if you are looking at a two person tent for two grown adults, you better be ready to get a little cozy, as the space and height on these tents typically leave space and living room to the imagination. Here’s one of our favorites:

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 Tent

If this tent isn’t for you, that’s okay, we have an entire section that goes over just 2 person tents. We poke and we prod to reveal the top prospects. Overall, if it made the list, there aren’t many options that are going to disappoint.

4 Person Tent

Oh the 4 person tent. Big enough for a small family, often stretched to fit more. This is perhaps the most popular size of all the tents for its size and portability amalgamate into the perfect camping tent. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, the four person tent can undoubtedly be seen as the staple piece of camping equipment.

Here’s a look at one of our favorites:

Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Dark Room TentBest 4 person tent

Not seeing what you’re looking for in that one? Take a look at some more 4 person tents on the post we have about it. We expand on the option above as well as some other top products for this benchmark. Definitely worth taking a look at that if four person tents are what you are looking to get into.

6 Person Tent

I can see the 6 person tent mostly being for people with larger families or for people looking to create an adult sleepover atmosphere. They can be useful when traveling with a bunch of people and you trade off who carries the tent each day. These tents are surely a heavier and larger undertaking than the 4 person tents, but overall, you should be good to go with some of the 6 person tent options we have outlined in another post of ours. For the sake of this post, we wanted to share with you one of our favorites:

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

best 6 person tent

8 Person Tent

I suppose if you need to move an entire household of people or if you aren’t shlepping the tent around, or even if you just want to splash a little flair into your camping, 8 person tents are not for the faint of heart. These things can have different rooms, porches, the works. Then again, if you are someone who will be driving to your camping location and have some couples or the like camping together, these tents can be a welcomed home away from home. Here’s a look at one to consider:

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Best 8 Person Tent

Not impressed with what we liked above? Take a look at some other 8 person tents on our extended look at them.

Hammock Tent

Sometimes you don’t need all the stress of a tent, especially if you need to be super nimble and lightweight. Hammock tents can be a suitable solution if you do it right and are in an area that has the right trees to make it work.hammock tent

If you’re worried about bugs, most if not all, of the options have a netting that can keep to safe from nagging bugs. If you’re worried about the rain, we have an entire section that reviews hammock tarps and rainflys. We also have you covered if you want to see more on hammock tents.


Camping Gear

Going camping without the right gear is like going to play tennis without a racket. It just doesn’t work. And most importantly, it won’t be any fun. Just be prepared for what you are getting into and you’ll have a great time. We’ve outlined a few of them, but will keep adding to this list as we think of them, as the things to consider is never-ending and most certainly is dependent on geography.

Nano Air Jacket

If it’s cold outside and you don’t have the right layers on, you’re going to be cold, and if you’re not cold yet, you will be as the cold slowly lowers your body temp. It is a matter of time. Enter, the Nano Air Jacket.

Patagonia’s Nano Air Jacket

Patagonia Nano-Air Jacket


If you’ve never used one, then you might be a little skeptical of these, but we can assure you, one use and you’ll be a believer. Lifestraws are some of the best new product innovations of late. They will help clean out and filter water so it is drinkable. It is done all as you suck in so gone are the ways of Iodine tablets and other things you’d have to do and then shake up and then wait for some time as they developed. Check out our Lifestraw Review for more details.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Hammock Tarp and Rainfly Options

Setting up a hammock when you are in the outback or are in the wilderness can be very rewarding. Probably one of the best parts of camping, if set up properly. And just after you set the thing up, there’s one thing that can turn that amazing experience into a day ender: rain. Don’t worry though, we have you ‘covered’. 😉

Ultimate Survival Technologies BASE Tube Tarp 1.0

Best Hammock Tarp

The hammock tarp and rainfly options we’ve explored and tried will keep you dry and in the clear. Rain can come crashing down all it wants, but you’ll be nestled up, flipping through that book you’ve been dying to finish. The rain will be nothing more than atmosphere. Below is one option to consider, but depending on your needs, you might be looking for something else. Other options can be found on our Hammock Tarp and RainFly Options breakdown.

Unique Sleeping Mats

Ever slept on a wooden floor? Try sleeping on the cold, uneven ground. It certainly pays to come prepared with a sleeping mat. You will wake up more refreshed, less annoyed and more comfortable than sleeping on the ground bare. It is like setting up a tent in a damp area without placing a tarp underneath it first. It’s simple, you just don’t do that. Be smart; bring a sleeping mat.

While we highlight a few unique sleeping mats, we wanted to share one of them here:

Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Mat

Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

Not all sleeping mats come from the same cloth so to speak. It is like a compressed mattress; each person is going to have their favorites. The key here is to find the sleeping mat that works for you and is the right weight and size for what you need. Traveling and carrying these over long distances can certainly have you thinking different thoughts than if you are driving up to a campsite and setting up shop. Choose wisely. It makes the hike the next morning more enjoyable. Again, check out sleeping mats post here if the camo one above doesn’t suffice.

Hammocks For Camping

While we all have the vision of hiking to the top of a hill only for their to be a huge reveal of a vast and ever rolling valley in front of us, with the wind kicking off our faces as it rolls off the crystal clear mountain lake few have stumbled upon, very rarely do these visions and dreams not have us relaxing and enjoying such a breathtaking private oasis in the world. Enter hammocks. Perhaps the most underrated camping accessory, hammocks have a way of elevating ones camping experience to the next level. Best of all, despite what you might be thinking, not all hammocks are created equal. Thanks in large part to their popularity, the hammock is contantly being reinvented

Indoor Outdoor Hammock Bed

Why sleep on the floor or on a sleeping mat when you can sleep in a hammock? Why keep this idea to just when you are camping? We know plenty of people who sleep on hammocks as beds. Maybe not their full time bed, but is it really any different than a water bed or falling asleep with the TV on when you’re slouched on the couch? If you’re even seeing the beginnings of that argument, then maybe a hammock bed is right for you.

Rusee Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks

Rusee Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks

If that hammock bed doesn’t look like your style, we’ve outlined a few more in in our post Best Indoor and Outdoor Hammock Bed.

Camping Hammock


Camping hammock Article.

Free Standing Hammock

Not all areas in the world have those two perfectly placed trees where you can just hang your hammock. Thankfully, there are a few options for some pretty portable free standing hammocks. These most certainly do the trick.

Best Choice Products Double Hammock With Space Saving Steel Stand Includes Portable Carrying Case, Desert Stripe

There are some more options like this free standing hammock. We’ve reviewed a few of them in our Free Standing Hammock article.


Additionally, we have taken some time to give you some broader strokes on some of the bigger hammock brands. Most notably, we have taken a deeper look into Eno Hammocks and Hatteras Hammocks. We call these ‘inside the brands’ as we explore how the brands came about, how the culture around their products formed and ultimately, how the brands came into the place that they are now. While doing this, we showcase the various products and accessories each offers. While we might not touch on all that each brand does, these overviews will surely give you an idea as to how important each is in the world of hammocks and how instrumental each has been in the evolution of the product.

Camping Accessories

No too many people we know are going camping to not have any fun. For some people, just getting out there is plenty. There’s no need to add camping accessories into the mix, for others, it’s the whole point in being there. Once you bring kids into the mix, besides tuckering them out on hikes and such, you’re going to keep them entertained until the nighttime smores over the fire. We’ll keep adding to this list as things come up, but we wanted to give you a few to consider, whether you’re a seasoned vetaran or fresh newby.


We don’t know if you’re familiar with this one, but if you are then you’ve seen a very artful activity. This is the ultimate mix between tightroping and trampolining with a dash of gymnastics.

best beginner slackline

This can be done on many levels and can be set up to be extremely fun and challenging for beginners and kids. It’s a worthwhile outdoor camping activity to keep in your quiver. If the photo above interests, take a deeper dive with us on our Slackline Review.

Water Tubing

Sometimes you are camping on a lake. Sometimes you’ll have the boat in tow when you do. We want you equipped and ready to carve up the water when you get a chance!

AIRHEAD AHM2-2 Mach 2 Towable

Not looking for a double water tube? Get a friend.


As always, we have something for you when we went in depth on Water Tubing options. Take a look!

Inflatable SUP Boards

To keep on the theme of things to do when you are camping near water, we wanted to bring up paddle boarding.

Paddle boarding is TONS of fun if you’ve never been. Like, TONS. And thanks to some recent product developments, these paddle boards have become much more portable.

Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP

The inflatable paddle board above is specifically designed for beginners. Want to take a deeper dive? We already have in our 7 Inflatable SUP Boards You Will Love post.

Conclusion: Camping Tents, Hammocks, and Camping Gear

In this guide we’ve covered camping tents, most notably the best 2 person camping tents, 4 person camping tents, 6 person tents, and even 8 person large tents. We’ve looked at some of the best tents for camping in extreme cold weather, the types of portable and freestanding hammocks or camping chairs that are not only comfortable, but also convenient. All these tips and tricks are what will make relaxing around the campsite something you’ll want to do for as long as possible. Things like rain tarps will keep you happy, come rain or shine.

We hope this guide has introduced some of the many options when it comes to camping tents and covers some of the exhaustive camping gear lists that inevitable can be overwhelming, yet ultimately comprehensive.


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