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We all experience those times of the year when we just want to visit the great wide outdoors with our family. A.K.A camping. Of course having the right tent to keep you safe and dry is essential. This is the reason why most of us get stressed out trying to find the right one. We decided to save you time and effort and take a closer look at 6 different Family Style Tents. After reading this article you should be able to decide which one is the Best 8 Person Tent for you. If not, we have a very in depth article on tent camping here.

Stand Up to Any Weather Conditions In Your 8 Person Tent

Best 8 person tent

The Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent deserves lots of attention! You will love the space this tent provides. There are plenty of windows in the tent, and the tent can be divided into two rooms – front and back. You can just zip up the windows and change your clothes standing up as opposed to trying to do it in a sitting position. The room dividers role up real nice and they are permanently attached to the tent so you don’t have to keep track of them if you choose not to use them. Also this tent is extremely durable and will stand up to any weather conditions. All the inside seams of the tent are taped as a extra waterproofing method and the floor piece goes up the wall about 6 inches to prevent ground water seeping in as there are no ground level seems. If you are camping and it starts to rain, make sure the windows are zipped all the way up to keep the rain out, if they are down a little the rain will flow off the roof and into the crack. This tent is SO easy to set up! The external frame and tent never come apart, so you don’t have a chance to lose anything. You can absolutely set the tent up on your own, but, frankly, it’s always easier to set up when you have the help of one other person. However since the tent is all one piece you will definitely want to put a tarp under it to keep the bottom as clean as possible. Taking the tent down is amazingly easy and not too bad getting it back in the bag. You just have to get all the air out. Just make sure you have some of the windows unzipped so the air can release to roll up better. One night camping trips will now be worth the effort because there is almost zero setup/takedown time.

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Your Enormous Summertime 8 Person Tent

Best 8 Person Tent

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is spacious and tall with plenty of room to stand up and walk around. This enormous tent is great for summertime campground camping. It has little pockets on either side to store your wallet, keys, phone, etc. It also has a little clothes line that goes across the back. There is a little port hole out the back for cords and/or ventilation.  It is indeed as waterproof as stated so you won’t need to use any seam-seal or spray of any kind. If yours leaks, something is dreadfully wrong and you should contact Coleman. The setup is very easy. Same foldable peg system many of the tents use nowadays. The difference is that the pegs latch onto rings so they do not get stuck. Very handy. The instructions are clear and well-illustrated, and you will like the fact that they are printed on a waterproof, fabric-like material that’s sewn to the carrying bag. This way you’ll never lose them. Setup is easiest with two people. The poles assemble easily. The hardest part, getting the rain fly over the top, is easy if two people hold the ends and “walk” it over. Without the rain fly the tent is mostly screen at the top and provides no privacy. Although you can buy a more expensive tent, this tent provides excellent value. Coleman made the right compromises in providing a value-priced tent. This isn’t a cheap tent that will fall apart. The seams are strong, and it is built well. All in all, I would highly recommend this tent to any large family either novice or experienced.

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Stay Dry While Enjoying the Rain – From The Outside

Best 8 Person Tent

The Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is cheaper than most family tents, but actually keeps the rain out. It will provide more than enough room for your whole family and you’ll still have elbow space. If you have a dog you’ll definitely appreciate the doggy door. The rain fly that covers the outside of the door is a part of the whole rain fly (all one piece), there is actually room for three chairs to stay dry under it. This great addition will keep you dry while enjoying the rain outside. Also, the windows tilt at an angle so no rain gets in at all. This tent will weather severe downpours with high winds with no issues. The floor is not cheap tub tarp, it’s decent, but you could add some carpets if you want your tent to last. The front door is pure genius. It’s hinged which is a great feature for keeping out insects while not putting undue strain on the zippers. The zippers are re-inforced and glide like butter, but you don’t want to add tons of wear on your zipper (and we all know a tent is useless when the door zipper breaks). Just don’t zip it, and let the hinge spring it lightly shut. The well placed factory Velcro will hold it shut. I’d highly recommend picking up a small piece of fake grass, astro turf, or carpet for right outside the door to grab the dirt from your feet before you enter.

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8 Person Tent Great for Wilderness Camping

Best 8 Person Tent

If you’re planning to take any wilderness camping trips with your family, maybe visit places where weather is always unpredictable, the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent will give you safety of mind. This reliable tent will never let you down. It will stay dry through 3 straight days of nearly-constant rain. The first room is great to leave all your bags, clothes or shoes, and it has a floor in it, which is a BIG plus so you are not walking on dirt. Set up is pretty easy. You will need two people and you should be able to do it in less than 20 minutes. Do make sure you stake the corners down FIRST before you raise it. You need one person outside the tent, and one inside to raise it. After that, using the stakes to secure it is a breeze. Adding the rain fly can’t be simpler. Velcro, hooks and a few choice tie-downs are used to attach the fly either directly to the metal frame or to obvious locations on the tent itself. Having so many windows and a full mesh ceiling is great for star gazing after a long day. When Wenzell designed this, they found a winner. You are sure to recieve many compliments on this tent.

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The Best 8 Person – 4 Season Tent

Best 8 Person Tent

The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent is a great quality tent all the way – the materials, the zippers, the amenities. It is a large “four season” tent, that is able to handle light to moderate snow loads, as well as strong winds. It will keep you warm in the cold weather, and stay cool enough in the hot weather. After the first couple of set-ups, one person can usually erect it in 15 minutes or or less. With two people 5-10 minutes is possible. Stake out the four corners first to get maximum floor stretch, then drive the rest of the stakes. It’s so incredibly easy to set up and while it’s nice having help, you could set it up and take it down by yourself without any trouble. Once set up, it’s very comfortable. The canvas is breathable and there are windows and doors on both sides and vents on both ends. Just make sure you don’t store it wet. Putting canvas away wet could be a problem. The only downside is that it’s heavy, but so long as you know that going in, which you should if you’re buying canvas, I guarantee you’ll love this tent.

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Perfectly Practical 8 Person Tent with Great Ventilation

Best 8 person tent

If you’re looking for the Best 8 Person Tent for camping trips, the Timber Ridge 8-Person Tent with Carry Bag will be perfectly practical for you and your family. It can weather the rain and it will keep you dry and cozy. The tent is really spacious and practical. It has two large Dutch “”D”” style doors that are ideal for easy entry and exit. The two doors combined with the 3 windows on each side provide a very good amount of ventilation. It comes with convenient pockets, around the entire top of the inside of the tent for storage. Moreover, it comes with its own carry bag which is great for storage and transport. Very neat! You’ll be able to fit two queen air mattresses inside, with plenty of room between them. Excellent tent, easy to set up. One thing that stands out while setting this up is the thickness of the tent poles, they seem very durable and don’t seem that they would break easily. Overall, a great family tent that is sure to last a long time.

Each one of these great tents will prove a great addition to your camping trip. Now it’s up to you to choose which one will come with you to your next trip. No matter what you choose, these are some of the Best 8 Person Tents on the market today.

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