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If camping out in the woods is on your bucket list, or you just wish to share the experience of a camping trip with that special someone, make sure to take a look at some of the best 2 person tents on the market at the moment. They are sure to keep you dry and comfortable and will be your reliable companion on your trips. Feel free to take a step back and look at camping with tents in general as well. See what the different options are there.

2 Person Tent – Stay Light and Dry

Best 2 person tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent is a great all season tent. Even if it rains pretty hard for a few hours of the night, not one drop of water will come in the tent. It’s light, packs small and it is very affordable. An excellent value for the money. You are sure to really like the fact that the poles do not have to be slid through sleeves but instead hold the tent up by clips. The tent comes with some extra ropes and ground pegs so you can anchor it to the ground or tie it to a tree or something if it’s real windy. Otherwise, a ground peg at each corner is all that’s needed to keep it in place. The tent is remarkably quick and easy to set up in just a few minutes and is pretty self explanatory but does come with good directions. Goes up in about 30 seconds. Break down time with rolling and stuffing is about two or three minutes. It would be best to have a tarp under it but it does just fine without it. This is a great home away from home.

Great Shelter from the Elements

Best 2 person tent

Given that the main function of a tent is to keep one dry and sheltered from the elements, I would say that the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Tent is an excellent tent. Even with several nights of intense rain the tent will not leak once. The tent itself is fairly well closed up, so that it stays warmer. You can absolutely use it for the occasional winter camping.  It’s very large inside, plenty of space for two tall people and some extra. The windows are plastic and they do not open. Ventilation is excellent with the roof vents openYou can get more air by unzipping the doors and exposing the mesh/screen. If you have a lot of gear, the two vestibules come in very handy for storing things. .  I can’t recommend this tent enough if you are looking for the Best (not ultralight) 2 Person Tent for backpacking or camping.

Great 4 Season 2 Person Tent

Best 2 person tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Person Backpacking Tent is a great 4-season tent. It is solid and tough, and a great tent for shorter hiking trips. It is very spacious for a 2 Person Tent. You will love having two doors and all the pockets inside the tent to hold stuff. Set up is super easy and quick. One person can easily handle the set up and take down alone. The poles are nicely constructed and easily snap together with little effort. The rain fly is made of a thick and surprisingly light polyester material. You could stick a solar lamb in the gear loft and light up the whole tent hands free. This tent retains the heat from the day very well and never shows any condensation. To ensure your tent will last longer make sure to let it dry before putting it away. Shake it off and leave it hanging somewhere indoors so it can dry out after use.

Set Up is a Breeze

Best 2 person tent

Pop Up Tent by Survival Hax is the easiest tent to setup. Poles are spring loaded, so it just pops open. Take it out of the bag, slide the elastic band off of it, undo the feet that are snapped together and let the tent snap out into shape. This Tent is made of durable material and will fit more than 2 people. To close it, fold in half, and twist the poles into a collapsing “8” and it will lie flat, and after that it goes into a sleeve that you can wear like a backpack. Both doors each have a solid flap and mesh flap. The top is mesh, and comes with a separate rain cover. The size is very good for a tent that collapses into a small flat circle.  Just make sure to put a couple Tarps over it on rainy nights because it is not waterproof. This will be a great gift for that special someone because you’ll be sure to give them something of decent quality, that is practical and functional as well.

Great for Light Camping

Best 2 person tent

The Enkeeo 2 Person Camping Tent is great for for light camping, backyard fun for the kids, or to give you shade anywhere you might need it. The bag is very lightweight and compact, and should fit just fine in your back-pack. It sets up and breaks down in about 5 minutes, and the tent material is good quality. You will really like its thoughtful design. Due to the top mesh window you will get more air circulation inside the tent and the outer curtain can roll up for extra ventilation. The tent has a durable zipper that seems like it will last a long time. The tent offers a convenient and smooth 2-way zip so you’ll be able to instantly open the door. The attached bag that comes with the tent is designed for stashing your personal items such as phones, glasses, keys, etc. The 2 pole setup is pretty traditional and easy. The poles are easily seated into plastic tabs at all corners that are also easy to stake. I would imagine a coat of rain protectant would be a good idea if you want that extra layer of waterproof protection. Included in the package are stakes and rope to tie down this fine tent.

Well Kept Secret

Best 2 person tent

You will be amazed by the quality of the fabric and construction of the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent. The tent has two doors, and with the fly on it has two vestibules. The doors are huge and incredibly easy to get into, and you will really appreciate the 2 separate vestibules to store your own packs in. You will love the handy stash pockets you can attach to the inside of the roof. The tent has a lot of mesh to allow for good airflow on hot nights. It is amazingly easy to set up, the colour-coding and the instructions on the bag are brilliant. Seams well sewn and the fly covers well while keeping rain and wind out. The included guy lines will be a useful tool in extreme weather. The tent is also very stable, even in high winds. This tent is not only the absolute best in its price range, it outperforms other tents twice the price.

No matter what kind of a trip you and your loved one decide to go for, these Tents are sure to keep you cozy and dry. After reading this article you’re sure to find the Best 2 person tent for you. Still not convinced? Maybe you just need a bigger tent, say, a 4 person tent?! 6 Person!?







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