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If you’re a family of 4 or 5 plus a dog and hoping to catch a break and visit some great camping sites for the weekend, make sure you prepare well, and you’ll have loads of fun.

If you’re looking for a great camping tent that will be spacious and at an affordable price, here are 6 different kinds that are sure to suit all needs. Let’s find your Best 6 Person tent, today!

If you already know that you want to take a step back and explore our overview on camping tents to see what size might be right for you, then take a look at this tent camping overview article.

This Best 6 Person Tent One Has a Porch Area

best 6 person tent


Camping just got more enjoyable with the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent. It is ideal for family car campers, scout leaders and extended camping excursions. There’s lots of windows in this tent, all screened with zippered privacy flaps that have built-in ties to manage them. The hinged door is a very cool addition, and after using it for several days you will never want to go without it again. It will be so easy to quickly slip in and out of the tent without zipping. The bottom of the tent is tarp-like and waterproof. I still recommend putting a separate tarp under this tent to add an extra layer of durable material.

The tent poles seem very durable, well painted and marked. It comes with four U-shaped pole structures for the tent. It is a piece of cake to set it up, even if you’re doing it alone. Instructions are sewn into tent bag and are easily followed. Key is to insert all curved rods, then the two sets of red-banded leg poles, then the outer two sets of leg poles. As the tent raises, you have to watch that the seams of the tent line up with the poles, and you have to shift things around a little until all the poles fit in place.

The tent DOES fit the frame with only a few inches wiggle-room, so it can seem a little tight until you get it all adjusted. Very easy to take down and store back in bag by one person. Key is to fold tent into thirds, then in halves. Role the poles and rain-fly into the tent for storage and to easily fit all the parts into the storage bag. A great choice for a family, due to size, screen “Porch” area, extended floor, and ample windows.

Smart and Thorough Rain Fly and Ventilation

best 6 person tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6 Person Tent will keep you well sheltered from the surprise wind or rainstorm. It has quiet zippers that function flawlessly and offers superb ventilation without sacrificing privacy. Entry and exit are enhanced with 2 doors, which means if you have to get out at night, you don’t need to crawl over the others to get to the only door. The second door is also nice for extra ventilation in hot, muggy weather. The Meramac 6 Person Tent is made very well and is quite sturdy.

The fabric is very lightweight but feels durable and strong. The “connectors” that hold the poles of the tent together are made of aluminum, rather than steel, which is amazing because aluminum can never rust. The fiberglass poles are one size larger than normal offering a sturdier, stronger tent. Take it out in multiple weather conditions and it will never fail you. Stay overnight through thunderstorms and wake up perfectly dry. Of course you could take some extra steps to make sure you stay dry. Apply tent sealer at the beginning of the season, and keep a tarp perfectly tucked underneath the flooring.

The Tent You Buy for Life

best 6 person tent

The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent Deluxe is sturdy, even in high winds and hard rain, and also extremely durable. The floor is made of thick rubber and the walls and ceiling are amazingly adept at keeping out rain/snow. You will appreciate the nice storage pouches on both sides, as well as the optional overhead storage net.One person really can put up this tent! Once you get your routine down setup of the tent takes about 10 min from start to finish. I’m not including organizing items inside your tent, I’m only speaking about the actual tent set up. All you need to do to get this tent up is stake the four corners, get the roof/flex bow installed, and then raise each side. It is great in the rain and the white roof lets in so much light during the day. The windows and cross vents are really functional, and the head room is incredible! The canopy rolls up nice, and has holder straps that can quickly be tightened. Zippers are heavy duty and you shouldn’t expect to have any issues with them. People see the tent and are impressed just by looking at it. This tent is the ultimate for car tent camping. Heavy – but not overly big if you’re packing it into your SUV. Plenty of room for multiple people. This is a Tent you buy for life.

Comfortable and Practical

Best 6 person tent

The Suisse Sport 6 Person Mammoth Tent comes with a nylon divider that can be used to separate the inside into two rooms. This tents windows all close. There’s also a mesh shelf that can be attached in the top middle of the tent to keep glasses or other small objects out of the way. The two attached side pockets inside work great to keep glasses, cell phones, and car keys within easy reach. The fly doesn’t flap in light wind. The privacy curtain is attached with knob and loop ties not velcro. With the two doors and three windows you will have plenty of fresh air in the tent at all times. It has been tested out in pouring rain and high winds, and it did great.

Assembly is straight forward.

Two long fiberglass poles for the tent itself. Two shorter ones for the fly. I suggest assembling the tent first by sliding the two tent poles through the sleeves, sliding the ends of the poles onto the pins at the corners of the tent and then staking the corners down. Use the supplied ribbon to tie the two tent poles together where they cross at the top of the tent. When assembling the fly don’t forget the velcro straps which are located underneath the fly. They wrap around the fly poles. If you’re going on your first camping trip, you’ll find this tents to be very, very comfortable and practical. It is waterproof, durable, and worth every penny!

Finding a great tent for the family is not easy. I am confident though, that after reading this article you’re better prepared to make an informed decision on which will be the best 6 person tent for you.

Are 6 person tents not your thing? That’s okay, we have some 4 Person Tents to look at. Too small? How about some 8 Person Tents?




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