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There’s no other feeling comparable to the one you get when you first climb inside the tent you have just set up, even if it is just in your backyard. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman in need of a new equipment, or just setting a tent up for the kids to have fun in the backyard, you will need a practical and reliable tent that you can trust.

Cold feet about 4 person tents? Take a step back and look at out tent camping article first. Still good? Okay, keep reading.

Each one of the following 4 tents is a great choice. You will need to find the Best 4 Person Tent that suits your needs.

Vacation Home for Young Couples

Best 4 person tent

The Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Dark Room Tent is a great vacation home for young couples looking for affordable style. It has a spacious bedroom with an open air concept foyer providing a perfect space to watch the scenery. Plenty of windows that keep the space well ventilated. I think the best feature of this tent is the dark room. It is great for taking naps during the day and for going to bed when it’s still light, or for sleeping in the morning. If you’ve got trouble sleeping when it is bright out then you will really like this feature. It seems a bit cooler inside than some other tents too, the darkness of the room seems to keep some of the heat out. Even in the mid-day heat, the temperature inside the tent is comfortable. The screen room is great for extra space or for sleeping on warm nights. Use it with ease of mind on rainy days as well. The peaks over the windows on the rainfly work great, and they do not allow a single drop of rain in the cabin. Set up is easy with 2 people. You could do it alone, but it would take a little longer. The glow in the dark guide lines are very handy at night to keep you from tripping over. All in all, this tent is easy to put up, looks good, and sleeps well!

Great Three Season Tent

Best 4 person tent

The Browning Camping Greystone 4-Person Tent is a great “three-season-tent” for camping in the woods in moderate weather, or the assortment of campgrounds. This tent will serve you great in cold weather. The only vents that are open are the ones in the ceiling, but with the fly on and its low height, the whole thing acts like an insulator and keeps you very warm. You will love the fact that the tent is clipped onto the poles instead of having to put the poles through the sleeves. It makes it so much easier to put up by yourself with no extra hands needed. The quality of the materials is great. The zippers glide like butter. They are made of large-sized teeth, providing a much more stable and sturdy closure for a tent that gets a great deal of abuse in the summer. The poles are super sturdy, and the fabric is thick. The rain fly is held on with clips instead of elastic bands, and is quite secure. It won’t move or let any rain in. I do recommend a tarp to protect the bottom because it’s made of fabric and you never know about rocks or sticks.

Very Practical and Easy to Set Up

Best 4 person tent

The FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Tent is a very practical tent, offering multiple layers of mesh and solid doors and windows. It is sturdy and solid. There’s plenty of room inside for three and will fit four. Very warm with the doors and windows zipped and breezy when all open. You will love it! Set up is ridiculously easy. Just remove the cover, unstrap, and release the tent into the air. It’ll pop right open before it even lands on the ground. Getting it back in the bag should take a minute or two to work out. However that’s all it is and it fits in the bag perfectly. There’s no forcing it. There are two loops at the bottom of each window flap. If you attach the guylines to the loops and then stake them into the ground a short distance from the tent your window flaps will serve as a rainfly. This tent performs great in windy conditions. The rounded shell like design just keeps the wind flowing smoothly around it. If you want you can place a tarp on the inside to cup the floor in case of rain and also another smaller tarp on the bottom outside to direct any rainwater away as well as soften the ground a bit. I would definitely recommend this for camping, or sleepovers in the backyard.

Buy if you Want to Stay Dry

best 4 person tent

If you want to stay dry on your next trip and avoid the hassle of faulty zippers the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent might be the tents for you. Its extra large #8 zippers make opening and closing the doors a breeze. I think that this tent is hard to beat for the money. It offers excellent value with good features. It has more mesh than some of the other models which allows for better air flow. This means less stuffy nights in the warmer months. You are getting a light weight tent considering it is a 4 Person Tent that packs up in a small package. You will not be able to find a tent this size that also weighs less than 8 lbs. The tent is spacious enough for a queen size air mattress + storage space. Also tall enough to sit up right without touching any walls. You could fit two adults and two younger children in here without a problem. You just won’t have room inside to keep most of your gear. You would need to use the vestibules for that. You will definitely like the aluminum poles, especially if you’ve had fiberglass failures over the years. The tent offers a great amount of privacy. The windows are narrow enough to not really reveal anything, but let light in. They also get obscured by condensation. If you are looking for an excellent quality backpacking tent at a bargain price then this is the tent for you. It is sturdy and the rain flap goes all the way to the ground to keep rain out, even in windy conditions.

All in all, each one of these tents will be a great choice for any backpacking trip. It really depends on what you’re looking for. Hopefully now you have enough info to make the best 4 person tent choice for you. If you don’t, have you considered 6 person tents? Or are you looking to snuggle up and get cozy with some 2 person tents?


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