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Camouflage clothing, or camo clothing, is mainly used by the military to disguise their presence and military equipment from possible enemies that may be present in an area most especially in natural surroundings like forests and meadows. These patterns and colors will make them “camouflaged” with their surroundings or blend in with it just like a chameleon does to escape from the eyes of a predator.

Camouflage and chameleons

To know more about these amazing reptiles, I did a quick search on chameleons and was surprised by what I found out. According to Wikipedia, color change in chameleons has functions in camouflage, but most commonly in social signaling and in reactions to temperature and other conditions. The relative importance of these functions varies with the circumstances, as well as the species. Color change signals a chameleon’s physiological condition and intentions to other chameleons.  Chameleons tend to show brighter colors when displaying aggressively to other chameleons, and darker colors when they submit or “give up”.

So then hiding from predators is just one of the many reasons why these amazing reptiles change color, and it’s mainly for communication to other chameleons.

Camouflage and humans

Humans got this brilliant idea from this old species of lizards where, apart from signalling to others chameleons, these amazing reptiles hide and escape from bigger animals and predators in general by changing the color of their skins to match with its surroundings so that it is no longer recognizable and magically disappear from sight! If the chameleon is walking on a branch and he senses a predator coming nearby it quickly mimics the colors of the branch so that it looks like part of the branch, and thereby escape a possible attack from the bigger animal. It’s also interesting to note that not all species of chameleons have this magical ability, but to those species who have this capability, wouldn’t it be nice to have this magical powers as a human being, right? You can certainly use this power to hide from a grumpy boss, or for moms who just want to have a completely serene 5 minutes of undisturbed time! Wow I think this might suit me perfectly!

Camouflage clothing nowadays are not just used by the military. Its famous pattern is now being widely produced all sorts of civilian clothing including shirts, shorts, scrubs, jackets and many more. This is not surprising at the camouflage effect seems to be a trend on its own, owing to the cool earth colors it normally uses such as different shades of browns and greens.

Trendy camo clothing

When it comes to camo clothing, these patterns are commonly used for clothing and other equipment used for hunting in the wild. This works really well because it works to camouflage the hunter with the trees and shrubs during hunting sessions, with the wild game not knowing that a hunter is already tracking him from a safe distance. This will make catching wild animals easier and raise the success rates of these hunting expeditions. Also, these camo jackets and coveralls serve as insulation during winter hunting season.

Listed below are some of the top-rated and trendy camo clothing for everyone. From gloves, coveralls, scrubs, and jackets to boots, we have laid them out for you as a guide for your next future purchase. Included are the features of the products like material used, and other useful features that you might find interesting for your next hunting adventure. Lastly, we have filtered some of the pros and cons of each of the product listed below to make your decision making a breeze. Remember also to consider the price of the products you might want to purchase as we need to have value for money always without breaking the bank. We have below some of the most popular brands of camo clothing that would look trendy and awesome anywhere.

REALTREE Camo Scrub Top

Camo Clothing - shirt

This scrub top is made of 100% Cotton; Short Sleeve Scrub Top | V Neck Collar; Designed in Realtree fabric with (1) Front pocket


Pros: awesome looking scrub, not cheap but tough

Cons: big sizes

Check out the REALTREE Camo Scrub Top here!

Drake Waterfowl Men’s Hunting Eqwader Plus Quarter Zip

Camo Clothing - Jacket

This revolutionary technology for waterfowl clothing has been a core piece of the brand since day one and raises the bar for innovation and hunting performance. Features instinctive features with an updated design deliver increased performance in the field. This products boasts of Magnattach Call and Vertical License/Key Pocket with mid-torso internal drawstring for reducing bulk under waders.


Pros: waterproof, perfect fit, awesome quality

Cons: too large sizes

Check out the Drake Waterfowl Men’s Hunting Eqwader Plus Quarter Zip here!

Acu Digital Lightweight All Purpose Duty Gloves 

Camo Clothing - Gloves

Reinforced for heavy duty wear and tear, these gloves are designed to last! These gloves are made with Synthetic Leather Palms, with Open Cwll Foam With Poyester Spandex Backing, Elastic Cuff With Hook And Loop Closure.


Pros: lightweight, looks great and works great

Cons: must be careful with the size in ordering

Check out the Acu Digital Lightweight All Purpose Duty Gloves  here!

Milwaukee 2332-L M12 12-Volt RealTree AP Heated Jacket

Camo Clothing - Heated Jacket

Realtree AP pattern is the most popular camouflage pattern in North America. It uses a specific fabric blend to reduce noise. It features an expandable battery pouch for use with M12 compact or M12 XC batteries. It has durable back tag patch for hunting licenses and M12 heated jacket, battery controller (battery and charger sold separately).


Pros: works well, awesome jacket, excellent customer service

Cons: a bit overpriced

Check out the Milwaukee 2332-L M12 12-Volt RealTree AP Heated Jacket here!

Berne Big Mens Mossy Oak Country Insulated Camo Coverall

Camo Clothing - Coveralls

This coverall features a shell made with 100% heavy weight cotton, lining 100% polyester, spread collar, two way font zipper, pleated elbows, bi-swing action back, long sleeves and snap cuffs.

Pros: great for insulation

Cons: size too small

 Check out the Berne Big Mens Mossy Oak Country Insulated Camo Coverall here!

Ranger 18856-RT-120 Field Realtree Ap Camo General Use Pvc Boot

Camo Clothing - Boots

These boots are designed with a Realtree camouflage pattern that helps your feet blend into nature-great for hunting on those drippy mornings. No matter where you are, the camo pattern creates a striking style for the Field General boots. The tall boot uppers are made with PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is rubber-like plastic material that’s completely waterproof. PVC is resistant to wear and tear. It creates a soft, flexible sleeve of strength around your feet and lower legs. These USA Made boots are styled in a seamless, 100% waterproof construction that won’t allow water to seep in.


Pros: durable, waterproof

Cons: a bit on the heavy side

Check out the Ranger 18856-RT-120 Field Realtree Ap Camo General Use Pvc Boot here!


So there you have it – these are all the best pieces of camo clothing that we could find for you on Amazon. Let us know if there are any more we need to add!





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