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A hammock bed is usually associated with the sun, the sea and sand. Imagining yourself in a hammock all day evokes a feeling of relaxation and stress-free life. This could be one reason why there are people who prefer to sleep in a hammock bed instead of a traditional one. We also did a larger more macro overview on hammocks you might be interested in as well!

Why do people love sleeping in hammocks?

From Central and South America to all over the world, hammock sleeping remains popular because they are truly relaxing, putting the sleeper in deep slumber in a matter of minutes. There are individuals who swear that they were able to fall asleep faster in a hammock bed because of the gentle rocking motion and the feeling of being wrapped in a “cocoon”. This is probably due to our bodies remembering when we were inside our mother’s womb. Nothing is more comforting to a baby than to be swaddled with a blanket and rocked gently. Being in a hammock bed certainly provides that comforting feeling.

During World War II, hammocks became popular among sailors too as it provided them with sleeping space in gun decks despite the limited area aboard warships. This time, hammocks became popular due to its versatility and ease of setup.

For these two reasons, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts soon started hammock camping because it is easier to take up, take down and store compared to a tent. All you need is a hammock and a suspension system and you have yourself a bed for the night. Unlike a regular tent, hammocks can be packed in a small bag and stored inside your backpack.

Nowadays, hammock beds are simply everywhere. There are indoor hammock beds and there are hammocks fit for the outdoors. We suggest trying out any of the four hammocks below.

Hammock Bed Reviews

Hammock Sky Brazilian Hammock

Hammock Sky Brazilian Hammock

This Brazilian hammock by Hammock Sky is good for two persons and can be used both for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of soft woven cotton so it is more appropriate for backyards or porches. The size is 144×59 inches but expect the hammock to be a little tight and smaller upon first use. The fabric will eventually stretch out to its actual size in two weeks of continued use.

However, the hammock is more appropriate for single use especially if you are quite tall and bulky.

It can wrap around you like a cocoon when you lay on it so for those who does not like the feeling, it would be best to get a spreader or a guide bar to keep the hammock open. Everybody seems to love the fabric as it is really soft and comfortable to the skin so this can be a good hammock bed to replace a traditional one.

Check out the Hammock Sky Brazilian Hammock here.


Rusee Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks

Rusee Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks

The Rusee cotton travel hammock is colorful, lively and gives out a tropical vibe. The hammock bed is made of woven cotton fabric, tied by two solid macramé knots at both ends. It comes with a built-in hardwood spreader bars so laying flat while getting a good view of your surroundings would not be a problem.

The hammock comes with carabiners, two ropes and a drawstring carrying bag too.

The hammock measures 74.8 in. x 59.05 in. from bar to bar. It can carry a maximum weight of 450 pounds which is good for two adult persons. Some users have an issue though with the macrame knots as others reported loosening. The fabric is more like hemp than soft cotton so it can be quite rough to the skin, though it provides enough flexibility when weight is put on it.

Check out the Rusee Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks here.


SEGMART Camping Hammock

SEGMART Camping Hammock- Easy Hanging Double XL Hammocks with Hammock Straps & Carabiners

The SEGMART camping hammock is ideal for those who are heavy weight and tall at the same time. This double XL camping hammock is made of parachute military grade nylon. It comes with carabiners, straps, and a bag. The hammock can accommodate a total of 600 pounds. It measures 118 in. x 78.7 in. The upgraded version contains gray nylon slings with a maximum weight capacity of 550 pounds each. The best feature of this hammock is its versatility. Apart from being a hammock bed, it can be laid out flat and can be used as a picnic or beach blanket or as a sunshade. The bag is sewn to the side of the hammock also contains utility loops where water bottles and other camping gear can be attached.

Check out the SEGMART Camping Hammock here.

TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock

TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock & Straps

The TNH outdoors premium camping hammock is made of high-quality military grade 75D nylon that can take a maximum weight of 400 pounds. The hammock is about 10 ft. in length and 6.6 ft. in width. The product is still in the process of being improved and upgraded as there were quality control issues involving the end stitching, minor tears in the fabric and weak knots.

The hammock is water resistant but it absorbs a minimal amount of moisture thereby causing dampness in the morning.

It is, therefore, suggested that you use a pad or thin mattress to line the hammock. Make sure to check the knots before getting into the hammock to avoid accidents and injuries.

Check out the TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock here.


If you have never slept on a hammock bed, it would usually take days to get to use to the feel of it. Imagine having to sleep while rocking back and forth and not being to toss and turn freely! However, when you get accustomed to the feeling, you will realize that a hammock bed can actually replace a traditional bed at night. It does not seem unusual at all to have an indoor hammock in your home. Many people have now adapted hammock sleeping and would not only want a hammock in their backyard, they also want one in their living room or bedroom as well.

If indoor hammocks are your thing, we did take a deeper dive into some things to consider when looking at an indoor hammock. We also reviewed some portable hammocks that could be worth taking a look at if you don’t want to commit to one in your home just yet.


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