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Ever wondered what dress to wear to a Halloween party or any dress-up party for that matter? As girls, playing dress up has always posed a certain challenge as compared to boys. When boys can get away with pants and white shirt, girls’ costumes always take more effort than that! We have the secret weapon for you – renaissance clothing!

Girls are expected to be prettier and somewhat more imaginative and more creative when playing dress-up which can sometimes pose some unnecessary pressures along the way. Not only that, girls’ dresses and costumes often cost more than boys’ costumes.

Today, let me tell you a secret that not all girls know. Do you know that you can have a costume that can be used for ordinary days too? Yes there is and it’s what we call renaissance clothing. And yes, you’re right when you imagined corsets as being one example of a renaissance clothing. You may not realize it but renaissance clothing is not just being used for costumes in parties or Hollywood movies. It has long been part of our culture and fashion even when the renaissance era is long gone.

Types of renaissance clothing still used today

On top of our examples is the corset which we normally see worn by the heroines in action- packed wild west movies. But corsets are actually being worn everyday by modern day women because of the body support in provides to women of all sizes and shapes.

Corsets help women in tucking in their tummies and provide solid support for their backs in order to achieve a better fit when wearing shirts or dresses.

It helps eliminate excessive bulges in critical places so as to make dress wearing appear more crisp and perfect from the outside. However, corsets are not that easy to wear and wearing them may prove a challenge to many as it could be uncomfortable if not properly worn or the material is not that skin-friendly. Yes, that is one classic example of beauty over comfort which women know really well.

Maxi Dress – Renaissance Clothing

Another type of renaissance clothing that you won’t necessarily think is of renaissance origin is the maxi dress that you normally see with stretched waist and soft fabric that normally comes with an off-shoulder style of sleeves.

This dress was often used as an undergarment for the renaissance women upon which they wore beautiful ball gowns with tight waists that would showcase their cleavages. Today, we see modern variations of this simple maxi dress in different prints and colors but still pay homage to the original renaissance design.

Renaissance clothing for today’s women

To help women who are looking for renaissance clothing either for daily use or for costume parties, we have listed a number of products in this article for you to have ideas on the choices you have. There are many sources out these but here, we have listed for you the top-rated renaissance clothing available on the market today to make you decision making easier and wiser. Along with each of the product, we have enumerated the features as well as some pros and cons for you to be more aware of each product before you buy it.

The basic considerations you need to check include the material of the product, make sure its durable, comfortable, and breathable. The price should be affordable enough for the value you get but not too cheap that you would most certainly get a low quality product. Remember that quality as a price and if quality is what you are looking for along with attractiveness of the dress, then be prepared to shell out what it costs.

HOEREV Elastic Wide Band Elastic Tied Waspie Corset Waist

HOEREV Elastic Wide Band Elastic Tied Waspie Corset Waist Belt

First on our top-rated list is this simple yet effective corset waist. This product features waist cinching belt, and snap Button Closure. This corset is so stylish and goes with both casual and dressy wear. Ideal also for wearing with today’s oversized shirts.

Pros: true to size, great for costumes

Cons: the elastic rolls down

Check out the HOEREV Elastic Wide Band Elastic Tied Waspie Corset Waist here.


Anna-Kaci Peasant Maiden Boho Inspired Cap Sleeve Lace Trim Maxi Dress

Anna-Kaci Peasant Maiden Boho Inspired Cap Sleeve Lace Trim Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is a lightweight dotted swiss sun dress with stretch waist and floral lace accents as well as off the shoulder sleeve option. This dress makes for a great gift or an addition to your wardrobe; and most especially, as a costume for parties and events.

Pros: super comfortable, perfect fit

Cons: material is a bit sheer

Check out the Anna-Kaci Peasant Maiden Boho Inspired Cap Sleeve Lace Trim Maxi Dress here.


InCharacter Costumes Women’s Renaissance Maiden Costume

InCharacter Costumes Women's Renaissance Maiden Costume

This dress is made from 100% Polyester and is completely machine washable. Renaissance-style costume featuring long-sleeve dress with puffed shoulder, contrast trim on bodice and square neckline, and split skirt with contrast underlay. It features finger loops on sleeves and includes a headpiece with veil, perfect for that costume party indeed!

Pros: great fit, nice quality, looks great

Cons: actual dress different from picture

Check out the InCharacter Costumes Women’s Renaissance Maiden Costume here.


Charmian Women’s Renaissance Lace Up Vintage Boned Bustier Corset with Garters


This corset is made from PU 50% Rayon 50%. This renaissance sexy overbust corset top is made by oxhide material, with wide shoulder straps, laces details, 12 plastic boning for body support, and comes with garters for that sexy perfect fit. Front design includes lace-up and zipper closure, back design: lace-up, without modesty panel. This is a vintage and fashionable corset, best to wear with a white off-shoulder top and jeans; Excellent for pirate themed, halloween party, renaissance festival, cosplay, lingerie, costume or as casual wear.

Pros: perfect fit, well made, looks nice

Cons: sizes smaller than expected

Check out the Charmian Women’s Renaissance Lace Up Vintage Boned Bustier Corset with Garters here.

Charmian Women’s Steampunk Spiral Steel Boned Vintage Retro Corset Tops Bustier


This bad-ass corset is made up of Spandex 82% and Nylon 18%. This products is a spiral steel boned corset for total body support. It features a fully adjustable criss-cross ribbon laced back. This is definitely suitable for steampunk-themed, night out dancing, halloween party or other occasions.

Pros: impressive quality, super cute and sexy

Cons: runs small

Check out the Charmian Women’s Steampunk Spiral Steel Boned Vintage Retro Corset Tops Bustier here.

California Costumes Women’s Tavern Maiden Costume

California Costumes Women's Tavern Maiden Costume

This pretty thing is made from 100% Polyester and is perfectly machine washable for ease of cleaning and laundry. It features a nice maiden costumes dress and comes with a belt to complete the pretty tavern costume making this dress perfect for any dress-up occasion like Halloween parties and other costume parties.

Pros: very sexy looking, decent fabric quality

Cons: runs small if chose incorrect size

Check out the California Costumes Women’s Tavern Maiden Costume here.


Hopefully, you too see the value of renaissance clothing that can be the Halloween surprise and the wardrobe that can really spice things up.





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