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Like any other sport, bodybuilding clothes can be a heavy burden to sift through. We have found some great selections to add to your mix whether you are in a peak season, base phase or just starting to get into the sport.

Bodybuilding Clothes and Differences from other Athletic Apparel

Bodybuilding has long been a part of our culture and society. Enthusiasts of this sport focus on growing their muscles perfectly according some standards.  Then showcasing these muscles in front of their respective audiences. According to Wikipedia, bodybuilding developed in England in the late 19th century and is attributed to German-born Eugen Sandow, known as the Father of Modern day Bodybuilding. He allowed audiences to enjoy viewing his physique of “muscle display performances.” Although audiences were thrilled to see a well-developed physique, the men simply displayed their bodies as part of strength demonstrations or wrestling matches. Sandow had a stage show built around these displays through his manager, Florenz Ziegfeld. And the rest, as they say, is history.  The Body building industry continues to grow and flourish to this day. The most famous bodybuilder we all know is Arnold Schwarzenegger. After rising to fame in the field of bodybuilding, he became an action movie star and played memorable title roles such as “The Terminator” and even became a politician in the United States when he became Governor of California.

Personal take on Bodybuilding

In my opinion, Bodybuilding is a sport for the individual player. The fan base grows as the players can no longer compete with the rising stars. I believe that a body has a maximum threshold that is still healthy and doesn’t raise eyebrows when looking at a someone. Specific to the clothing, however, the articles worn need to have the right fit, cut and grooves in order to accentuate what the bodybuilder, man or woman, is trying to show off.  I’m sure that diet as well as a constant attention to detail is crucial in making even the smallest change to one’s body especially at that high level of competition. It raises the question of if it is still comfortable to have that much muscle on your body. How do they prevent spasms or other nerve causing damage when there is that much muscle pressure under your skin? What is the amount of water to keep their muscles hydrated and properly functioning without losing that bulging effect? If they are competing to showcase a beautiful body, subjectivity seems to be a huge factor just like any other ranked sport. Being a smart competitor is a crucial component to body building. So many factors come into play to have your body pushed to those physical limits and maintain your health before, during and after. Not having to worry about your clothing is definitely something that these athletes need to consider. 

Clothes for Bodybuilding

Like any other sport, there are clothes that are specifically designed for bodybuilding that perfectly supports and enhances the body especially during the workouts.

Bodybuilding enthusiasts know perfectly well that the clothes they wear should be flexible enough to allow the muscle building process as well as being durable enough to withstand the rigorous exercises in achieving that winning body and form.

So if you are someone looking to take your bodybuilding into the next level, here are some tips to help guide your search in the bodybuilding clothes world. We have listed some of our top-rated bodybuilding clothing options for you to choose from. We have included the features of each clothing as well as some of the pros and cons to help you have a clearer idea and what to expect from the product once you do decide to buy. Clothes specific to the building process or in-competition, we’ve got you covered. 

Just a general reminder before pressing that order button, you should always remember that quality of the product should be one of the top priorities. Purpose of the clothing that you need to buy in a close second. In addition, you should have a budget already in mind so you don’t overspend on an article of clothing that is not quite worth the price or what you are looking for. 

Barbell 1 V-Taper Muscle Hoodie, Soft Triblend Raglan – Look More Muscular


Bodybuilders want clothes that make us look more muscular. That’s why we designed our new v-taper enhancing thin hoodies. These super soft tri-blend hoodies have an amazing drape on your physique and a slight taper toward the waist to enhance your physique. Raglan style features dark heather grey sleeves and back that folds into the light heather gray front – this color contrast further enhances v-taper. Classic Barbell 1 logo on the chest. Unlike other tri-blend fabrics, this fabric is systematically resistant to pulling. Plus, these hoodies are Made in the USA! 

Pros: taper which adds to great look, excellent fit, perfect for gym and training

Cons: sizes run too small

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Ouber Men’s Fitted Bodybuilding Workout Gym Running Jogger Pants

These jogger pants are soft, 50% cotton and 50% poly blend. They are fitted but not tight, and will not shrink; features comfort flex waistband, adjustable fabric and drawcord for custom. This jogger pant has deep pockets with zipper on both sides to stop your phone or other gym pocket essentials from falling out whilst exercising.

Pros: comfy pants, nice design, comfort and fit

Cons: zipper in the legs can come unzipped easily

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Efashionmx Mens Animal Letter Print Stringer Bodybuilding Gym Tank Tops

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-1-52-13-pmThis tank top is made of Cotton; is soft and comfortable to wear. High Quality by Efashionmx.

Pros: very lightweight material, great fit and feel

Cons: sizes run small

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Ouber Running Yoga Slim UV Protect Sweatshirts with Two Side Pocket Jacket Coatscreen-shot-2016-11-18-at-1-59-05-pm

This jacket coat is design and engineered for performance and training. Tips: The Tag Size is Asia Size. Asia Size Runs Smaller Than US Size! The two side pockets-insert pockets with zipper in each side of the hems, can store personal small things safely when doing sports. Durable not easy to break. Moisture management technology helps keep you cool and dry. Exclusive V-tapered for bodybuilder style and fit.

Pros: material is very stretchy, well-engineered design

Cons: sizes are way too small

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Jed North Bodybuilding Stringer Gym Tank Top Singlet Racerback


At Jed North, we use a range of industry leading techniques and top-quality material to make sure your workout gear not only looks great but will last. Jed North mens classic bodybuilding stringer is made of superior quality cotton fabric and they come with improved style and fit.

This gym tank is 100% top quality made of pre-shrunk cotton – soft, solid, durable (weighs only 4oz). Easy fit for a wide range of motion, perfect for weight-lifting, cardio, CrossFit, etc. The newly improved cut allows your upper body and arms to move freely with your most intense gym workout. Accentuates your back muscles and allows you to see more when exercising. Improved fit and design to handle a wide range of gym movements. Machine wash cold, hang dry for best long-term care or dry low heat. We take pride in everything we make. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return it for a replacement or refund within 30 days (return or exchange has never been easier).

Pros: great quality fabric, for a good price

Cons: shrinks after wash

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Bodybuilding is a very specific science whether you are dealing with the diet or training. Bodybuilding clothes are no different. Be sure to check out these bodybuilding clothes options that we have found for you.


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