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In golf your footwear is the foundation of every shot, so choosing the right golf shoes is of utmost importance and will affect your performance. Among many golf shoes out there, there are a few distinctive names that have developed groundbreaking innovations that enable athletes to perform at their physical and mental peak.


Men’s Tech Response 4.0


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Adidas is a name that stands for excellence in all sectors of sport around the globe. Once you transition to their Men’s Tech Response 4.0 sneaker style golf shoes you will never go back to the old saddle back style golf cleat. These are well supportive and feel like walking on regular sneakers. You’ll be able to go an entire round on the course, walking in them and be ready to go another 18. Perfectly supportive and comfortable on the ankles. The only negative to these shoes is they are not water proof so your feet can get wet if you get caught out on a rainy day on the course.

These are very comfortable, light weight, and cool. Great for hot environments. Fit true to size and very sporty look. When it comes to choosing the perfect width of the shoe, E width means the shoe is made for a wider foot. If you’re unsure about your width, I suggest that you go to a shoestore and have them measure your foot.

I picked wide shoes for years because they seemed more comfortable, but recently had my foot measured in a shoe store and I am actually a D. Bought a pair of shoes I had been wearing in the E width, and even though the D initially felt snug, after I wore them awhile my feet felt much better after walking 18 holes on golf course.

Check out the Men’s Tech Response 4.0 here.

For the Footjoy lovers out there.

Footjoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes

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The FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes is the next big thing from FootJoy. They use FlexGrid 2.0 technology to conform and expand with the movement of your feet and during a golf swing so your foot is always stable and properly positioned. Provides good support and very good stability during a full round of golf.  This is a good Golf Shoe, nothing over the top. It is light, soft, and water repellent. The mesh material will keep your feet cooler in the hot weather. When you put these Golf Shoes on you’ll feel pressure points on different areas on your feet. When you start walking the shoes feel very comfortable. They will be easily the most comfortable Waterproof Golf Shoes you have ever owned. Overall, these fit good, perform well, and have more spikes than the newer shoes out there.

Check out the Footjoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes here.

Get Something Comfy For Your Wide Feet


New Balance Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoe

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New Balance Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoe offers the great comfort that New Balance is known for. If you have wide feet and finding the right size is an issue for you, you will LOVE the comfort that these Golf Shoes provide. The shoes are much lighter than expected and fabulously comfortable. Put them on immediately after receipt and find them to be very, very comfortable. And they have a large toe box so there is room to flex. I played 18 Sunday in these and forgot I had shoes on. They are that comfortable. It was a really nice feeling to have such a comfy, supportive shoe on the golf course. These Golf Shoes also give you a very effective traction control. The tread design is efficient. The quality and workmanship are consistent with what you would expect from New Balance.  One thing to be aware of is they are running small compared to other New Balance shoes, so order a half size larger. I highly recommend these for comfort and cool play. If you want comfort, this is it, just note that they are not waterproof.

Check out the New Balance Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoe here.

You Will Love Your Waterproof Golf Shoes

PUMA Men’s Golf Ace Golf Shoes

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PUMA is the global athletic brand that successfully fuses influences from sport, lifestyle and fashion and that is how they must have came up with their PUMA Men’s Golf Ace Golf Shoes. Puma took that same concept in shoe they had success with and brought it to the golf course. They offer great looks, comfort, and function. Can’t ask for anything more. If you’ve been using spikeless shoes you’ll realize how much more grip and stability you get with spiked shoes. The shoes come with a spike removal tool, and you want to make sure as with most shoes you tighten the spikes before using the shoes. They are cut a little lower in the ankle area so you have to get used to that, but all in all it is nice to see a Puma golf shoe available in wide size. The Puma Ace Golf Shoe is a very comfortable and well made shoe. It may not be as plush as some of Puma’s other high end Golf Shoe offerings but they are comfortable right out of the box, very stable, and my feet have stayed dry in wet/dew conditions. They come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-Year Waterproof. I would recommend these Golf Shoes to anyone looking to gain a stylish look and improve their game for a moderate price.

Check out the PUMA Men’s Golf Ace Golf Shoes here.

Super Comfortable Nike Golf Shoes

Nike Lunar Mont Royal Golf Shoes

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Nike Lunar Mont Royal Golf Shoes are super comfortable, and will hold up well to the abuse you put them through. After trying these you might not prefer the soft spike shoes anymore. They provide equal or better traction on the course than soft spiked shoes. They have a classic Nike heritage upper adapted for golfing with style. You can play in damp conditions and your feet will never get wet while wearing these shoes. These Golf Shoes might be exactly what you’re looking for. Waterproof, not too narrow, wide feet friendly, and very comfortable. These Golf Shoes have great arch support and are comfortable off the course as well. My sister have worn these to work every day for three weeks and it has greatly reduced her foot pain in her Achilles tendons where she has chronic pain and swelling. She would never have thought golf shoes would be the answer, but hey, as long as it helps.

Check out the Nike Lunar Mont Royal Golf Shoes here.


Hopefully this article will help you make a better informed decision when buying your perfect golf shoes. All golf shoes have their own feel, you just need to find the best ones for you!






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