Get A Frisbee: It’s Just As Much Fun As It’s Always Been


If you’re one of the many out there, looking for the prefect Frisbee for yourself or as a great gift, look no further. Here’s a in-depth summary of 4 different Frisbees that will suit every taste. Take your pick between Frisbees suited for Children, Playing at night, Fun for the whole family including the dog and Ultimate Sports. So let’s dig in and find the perfect Frisbee for you!

The Ultimate Frisbee

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Behold the Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc, the most aerodynamic Frisbee you’ll ever hold. Every man should own like ax, air-pump, charcoal grill, etc. For all of you that haven’t heard of Ultimate, it is a fast paced, non-contact field game that combines the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football. The game is played by two seven-player squads on a field similar to football. But you don’t have to play Ultimate to enjoy one of these babies.

These are outstanding for playing regular throw and catch.

You might be thinking, it is just a Frisbee, but even the simplest things have their science. Look at one of these without the fancy logos or paint, and it looks just like a whamo frisbee (or any other disc, really). But throw it once, and it becomes clear that things like weight distribution and exact components of the material make this Frisbee very superior to anything else that I have thrown over the years. So, if you’re looking for a product made in the US, with good balance of control, speed, and distance, this is it. If you’re looking for a disc that will last you for a good 5 years or (probably) more, so long as you don’t chuck it at cement, trees or rooftops, again -This is it. The Ultra Star Frisbee will provide many hours of fun for you, your family and your dog.

Check out the Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc here.


Your Children Will Love This Set of Two

Best Kids Frisbee Rings

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a great Frisbee for the youngest ones, you’ll want to go for Activ Flyer Frisbee. They are the world’s easiest Frisbees to throw and catch which makes them perfect for young children. Their unique design flies straight and can be caught in the smallest of hands, on your wrist or even your foot! What a great chance to play some Frisbee with your kids.

These are lightweight enough so that if they hit the walls or something fragile, they tend to just lightly graze the objects.

You can play at the beach, school-park, and backyard, literally anywhere. Enjoy hours of outdoor fun with your family and friends! Activ Flyers are ideal for players of all ages and skill levels. Play anytime and anywhere. They even float in water, making them great beach, lake and pool toys. Sorry dog owners, these are only for humans. The plastic like material of these frisbees makes them really easy to keep clean.

Just run some water over them and if needed add mild soap and a little scrubbing and these are as good as new. The set comes with one red frisbee and one blue Frisbee, just in case you were wondering. The box that they come in is actually pretty cute and so would present nicely at a birthday party or other event for unwrapping

The only color I don’t recommend for a Frisbee is black, because on a hot summer day, the sunlight will actually cause the plastic of the disc to soften, thus allowing the disc to lose it’s shape. My sister had a black disc, and although it looked cool, it was not good to leave it out in the sun.

Check out the Activ Flyer Frisbee here.


Your Guinness World Record Holder Frisbee

Aerobie Pro Ring (13") and Aerobie Sprint Ring (10") set - Assorted Colors

If you’re looking for a Frisbee with a unique design that will attract a lot of attention check out the Aerobie Pro Ring that comes in a set with the Aerobie Sprint Ring. The original Aerobie Pro flying ring holds the Guinness World record for the farthest throw in history – an incredible 1,333 feet / 406 meters. It is compact and lightweight and it flies flies twice as far as conventional Fresbees for awesome games of catch.

The Aerobie sprint ring smaller size is its only distinction from the otherwise identical Aerobie Pro flying ring.

They are so much fun to throw around with your family or friends. They’re easy to master, and if you tend to throw them wrong you can simply bend the Frisbee a little bit to correct your bad throws. I got the large one for my kids and the small one for the dog. They ALL love it! These are the best flying Frisbees I’ve ever seen and so easy to throw.

They fly straight and don’t hurt at all when they are caught. Be warned though, they go very far! Chasing and catching is a workout! Every kid that comes over for a playdate loves to play with it so I decided to buy a couple to keep on hand for last minute birthday kids birthday presents. It’s nice to have something that will work for a boy or a girl.

Check out the Aerobie Pro Ring here.


Flashy Frisbee LED Fun – At Night

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc, Glow in the Dark for Night Games, 185g

If you’re planning to use your Frisbee primarily at night you will want something extra illuminated and that’s where the Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Frisbee comes into play. It has a patented fiber-optic array that extends to its rim, so the entire disc is illuminated from every angle.

The LED makes it easy to spot without being distracting, so catching the disc is easy and finding it, not a matter to be taken lightly during a late evening endeavor, is effortless (as long as the light is turned on)

This illuminated Frisbee is available in four LED colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Disc-O (micro-chip controlled LED cycles through the color spectrum). All the colors show up really well in the dark, but blue/turquise stand out the most for brightness levels.  The light is bright and easy to see at night, with no noticable dimming. I’m a bit picky about frisbees and there are quite a few “light up” frisbees to choose from. Choose wisely because not all are the same.

They differ by weight, light up design and actual frisbee size (size and weight are generally standard combinations in frisbees, but with the light up designs they are not the same because the frisbees carry additional weight from the battery/light installed on the frisbee), so picking a good one can be next to impossible to do online since you can’t see and hold it.

This particular model is the best I have found.

It is an appropriate weight, 185 grams and with a proper competitive molding/lip. (some of the models out there have a slim lip similar to frisbee golf discs – and the weight is such that it can only be thrown short distances or it will curve in flight because of its light weight nature).

This model would work for those into “Ultimate Frisbee”. It flies well, can handle long tosses well, has a great feel to it and is durable.With its innovative design and super-bright illumination, the Nite Ize Frisbee is suitable for serious sport and as a super fun flying disc toy. It even floats so you can consider it for water fun as well!

Check out the Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up here!


Frisbee Conclusion

All in all owning a Frisbee is so great, and so much fun. You’ll engage into social activity that will get you in shape and make you feel like a kid again -you will want to play it ANYWHERE! Take it with you on all of your trips and you’ll always be able to find a place to play. It’ll NEVER get old. You don’t need mad skills, just be willing to try and you may find you LOVE your Frisbee.


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