Water Tubing: Go Wild On A Water Tube


If you’re yearning to go Water Tubing you will need a Tube that will fit your specific needs. There are many different Water Tubes out there, but only one model will be perfect for you. But before you decide which is the best Water Tube you need to know there are two main types of water tubing: assisted and unassisted.

Based on the names alone it might seem like unassisted would be harder, but assisted tubing, when you are pulled by a boat, is actually more of a workout. Nevertheless, whichever activity you decide to take on, after reading this Article you’ll be much better informed which Tube to choose. It is important to get the perfect fit because your Water Tube will provide hours of fun for the entire family!

We also have an article that goes into other water sports activities if water tubing isn’t the top on your list.

Safe Water Tubing For The Youngest

AIRHEAD AHM2-2 Mach 2 Towable

Airhead Mach 2 Cockpit Towable Water Tube will be Great fun for all ages although it’s design is created specifically for the youngest. The Cockpit Tube is a great option for timid and young riders, since they feel very secure inside. This Water Tube comes with a wild side as well, making Teens and Adults able to join in the fun. If you’re planning to be pulled by a boat it is wise to get the AIRHEAD AHTR-22 Tube Rope and the AIRHEAD Tube Rope Connector so you can fully enjoy your experience.

Easily towed a 170 lb adult alongside 105 lb teenager. Glides on top of the water easily, even in large waves. Inflates quickly and fits on the sundeck for easy transport and fits nicely in the bed of a truck. My kids love it and I am thrilled! The recessed seating keeps my small daughter in the tube with minimal effort on her part. The hand-holds are well placed so the kids can hang on with their bodies in natural anatomic position.

Our family prefers the type of tube you can “sit” in and this one was perfect for young and old alike.

The inflated seat bottoms make bouncing on the water much less punishing than other floats. Just pay attention to the weight limit and having a balanced load in each seat. The Tubing has a heavy duty construction which means this will last season after season! If you want to ensure it will last longer clean it after every use, roll it vs fold it, and put it away completely dry. It’s very durable, feels more secure for the younger kids.

Check out the Airhead Mach 2 Cockpit Towable Water Tube here.


Intex River Run 1 Water Tube – Great Fun For Adults

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 53" Diameter

If you’re looking for an adult sized Water Tube you will LOVE the Intex River Run 1 Tube. With 53″ in Diameter, this thing is HUGE. The size makes it great for generally floating around with just your feet in the water, but not so great if you want to control your direction by kicking your feet or paddling with your hands.

The handles are great for toting it around, and the headrest really is strong enough to support your head.

The great thing about the Intex River Run 1 Tube is that you can blow it up at the river yourself and when the trip is finished the tube has a screw out quick release valve that deflates the tube in about 30 seconds. Enjoy the water all summer long with the Intex River Run 1 Tube. This vinyl Tube stays cool in the sun and has a mesh bottom that makes it great for kids. If you do not like the mesh bottom you can cut it out without damaging the Tube. This fun lounger has two air chambers for added safety, and two built-in cup holders to keep your refreshments nearby as you relax in the water. The Tube also has great interlock attachment to hook onto other tubes.

Check out the Intex River Run 1 Tube here!

Intex River Run II 2-Person Water Tube with Cooler and Connectors

If you feel like this model might be small for your needs, the same company offers the spacious Intex River Run II Water Tube which will be twice the fun since this big boy has plenty of room for 2 adults. It has two seats with mesh bottoms, a cup holder in each seat and a built-in cooler with an easy to close lid that will hold more than a few drinks and keep them cold. The all-around grab rope makes it easy to catch if someone falls out.

Check out the Intex River Run II here.


Go Fast On Your Slice Tube With Adults Or Big Kids

AIRHEAD AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Towable Tube

The AIRHEAD AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Towable Tube is designed for one or two riders and you’ll really slice up the water with this 58-inch diameter low-profile towable. The Slice Water Tube is for going fast with adults or big kids.

This Tube has nice soft handles with neoprene to protect your knuckles and a neoprene pad for your knees. It is fully covered with few seams to catch on and hurt yourself (unlike open donut style tubes).

The Tube is thicker in front, thinner in the rear for easy boarding. You’ll be surprised by how easy it will be to climb onto the Slice from the water, too, as it’s tapered to only six inches high at the back. It is also equipped with a convenient Kwik-Connect mechanism for easy hookups and a “Boston” valve for fast inflating and deflating. Quick to inflate, quick to deflate, and secure.

Our tubes have press in valves that pop loose and then the tube goes flat. One of my old tubes uses a car type Schrader valve which takes forever to pump up. Boston is the way to go. All in all, this is a nice tube to tow behind a boat. The way it goes down instead of all straight across is nice. Allows easy access and departure.

Check out the AIRHEAD AHSL-4W Slice here.


Get On The Matrix Tube

AIRHEAD AHMX-V2 Matrix Towable

The AIRHEAD Matrix Tube is a U-shaped winged towable that rolls way up on edge when riders shift their weight. Experienced tubers will love the Matrix Water Tube because the winged design allows them to ride way, way up on the side without falling off. Great for beginners too because the sides provide a certain degree of security and helps one stay put in the corners.

The wings also make them a joy to tow because they slide effortlessly across wakes.

It is very well constructed and is typically used with two to three riders. It pulls with ease behind a boat. The Matrix Tube is easy to fill, empty, and store. You can also use it as a float when you are stopped to swim and sunbath. It appears to be very well made and tough.

I would absolutely recommend it to to anyone looking for high quality, fun, and multi-rider towable.

Inflate every Tube fully as soon as they arrive AND a day before your trip. That way, you are not surprised at the river. Some people have reported problems with seams when in reality most are having trouble with leaking valves. You’ll need to check your valves for leaks at the river before you launch.

Fully inflate a Tube, then pour a cup of water into the compartment where the valve is located. If it’s bubbling, tighten the valve. Take a break, get some sun while floating and staying cool in your Water Tube. It doesn’t really matter if you prefer to tube through a gentle stream, down a snowy hill, or attached to a speedboat, any of these activities will be so much fun for you and your family. Definitely beats sitting on your couch.

Water tubing can be really fun when you have the right water tube for the job. There are many features to consider when buying – hopefully this guide helps your process!

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