The Best Beginner Slackline: The Perfect Balance


If you are looking for fun for the entire family, then look no further than the best beginner slackline money can buy. You’ll want to play on it every single day. We have told some friends about it and they keep asking when they can come out and try it out too.

I am sure once they do they will be ordering one for themselves. They are not only a lot of fun but help build endurance too. It will help your kids work on their focus, balancing skills or to strengthen their core. It is a fun way for the family to spend some time together outdoors.

We explore other camping and outdoor accessories in another post of ours if you are looking for more ideas after taking a look at this deep dive!

Beginner Slackline Kit

Slackline Kit: 52 Foot Classic Trickline Slackline Set for Slackers of all ages from Slackline Kids to Slack Line Adults

You’ll be very excited when the time comes to set up and play with your Slackline kit. I love that the kit comes with tree protectors, they are made of very heavy weight felt fabric that is held in place by velcro. You wrap them around the trunk of the tree trunk and then place your line over the protector. I feel much better setting up the beginner slackline knowing that the protectors are keeping the trees from getting any damage or friction on the bar. The hardest part of the setup is finding the right size trees that have the right distance between them.

Once you locate two trees that would work, you’ll have it all set up within 10 minutes. As long as you know how to work a ratchet strap then you should have no problem in setting it all up. I recommend that you hook up the slackline no lower than 30” high because at the center, it dips down and then you will be touching the ground. With the helper strap it will be surprisingly easy to use your beginner slackline but you’ll need some practice before attempting to walk it without it. The larger orange line is the line you walk on, if you are new with doing slackline you can use the thinner green line to help you balance.

I like the practice line because it helps me feel comfortable knowing that I have something for support to grab if I feel like I am loosing my balance. When I set my line up I left the green practice line a little looser so that it was not in the way and I could hold it as I walked on the main line. The ratchets are easy to use to tighten and easy to open back up to release the line when you are ready to take it down. The kit comes with a storage bag to keep everything in when not in use,. You need to make sure everything is wound up tight to be able to fit it all in the bag. I really found this a fun way to get in a good workout, you are working your core and your balance but in a entertaining way. It is great for both adults and kids.

Overall I am very happy with this kit, it was easy to set up, supported my weight and did not cause any damage to the trees I used to support it. My only worry is that kids have to be careful not to fall off where the ratchet is located as it spins over & hits them on the shins…which hurts! Not sure how this could be alleviated. I just tell them to be extra careful & to hold on when going over that part.

Check out the Beginner Slackline Kit here.


Pro Slackline Look Here: Slackline-PRO PLUS Training Line

Slackline Kit: 52 Foot Classic Trickline Slackline Set with Training Line for Slackers of all Ages from Slackline Kids to Slack Line Adults

If you’re looking for a Slack Line that will satisfy pro slack liner needs you will absolutely love the Official 2016 Edition of the Slackline-PRO 2.0 PLUS Training line and travel bag. It is perfect for beginners who want to learn slacklining or for the Professional’s mastering tricks. This is definitely a super static, classic slackline– it’s not one of the dynamic, moveable lines. This line wants to stay put and taught, like a stretched out rubberband. However, it can be loosened to sway more and act more like a “surf” line.

Either way, this isn’t really a bouncy trick line, but it delivers what it promises, and delivers it well. It’s short and tight, which is perfect for beginners to learn how to control their body on top of the line, however it can still be loosened up to make for more of a challenge for advanced slackliners who want to learn how to control the line. It is made of extremely durable nylon webbing. It is very easy to set up and there is a long length so you are not too limited to what distance you can set up between trees. It comes with two Slacklines. A beginner and a pro Slack Line. Both look to be of high quality.

The Slackline PRO 2.0. has a helper line for people who are new at slack lining. It uses a simple ratchet latch system, but make sure to put both latches in the lock position or the line will come loose. It can be a hard to walk on the line at first, but it gets easy with practice. Make sure to put the line around trees, because the slack line will pull anything else out of the ground. I had it on cemented in clothes line steel poles and it pulled one out of the ground.

Check out the Slackline-PRO 2.0 PLUS Training line here.


Slackers 50-Feet Slackline

slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line

Another Slackline I highly recommend is the Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line. It has a bright green main line with an orange thinner line to go above to hold with your hands. Both of them seem very strong, as they have no problem when I get on it with my 210 pounds. It’s very bouncy when it is stretched out to the max. Be careful when 2 or more kids get on it – it is JUST like a trampoline so that when they jump/bounce in sync it can launch one of them WAY too high.

A great rule to set up would be -no synchronized bouncing. This is a great outdoor toy for children and grown-ups and it adds a level of exercise and balance work to the game. My kids started using it as a work out tool and they even like to bring a boom box outside & listen to music while they practice. I also will get on and hang out on there and chat with the kids. It’s fun & portable! And it is affordable, too. Def worth a try. You can always set it up on the lower side to start out.

Check out the Slackers 50-Feet Slackline here.


Easy On Your Feet: Goodtimes Slackline

best beginner slackline

If you’re looking for a Beginner Slackline that will be easy on your feet, try the “Goodtimes” Slackline . It is 48′ Long and 2″ Wide. The Nylon Webbing is soft to the touch and easy on the feet. It is a breeze to set up, takes less than 5 minutes and has the perfect amount of give and bounce. This slackline is very well made, and it is built to last. The ratchet makes it so simple to tighten any time you need to do so.

The slackline is very durable and can hold the weight of an adult as well. This is money well invested as it is continually used. This Slackline has been such a great party favor at BBQs, entertaining adults and children alike. The only thing this kit is missing is an over-the-head rope to hang on to until balance improves.

Check out the “Goodtimes” Slackline here.


Baseline Slackline Complete Kit

Slackline Industries Baseline Slackline Complete Kit With Tree Protection

One of the most popular beginner slacklines is the Slackline Industries Baseline Slackline Complete Kit with Tree Protection. This is an extremely well made product by a quality company. The attention to detail when it comes to the box, packaging and instructions (which come in both manual and video) is fantastic. The video actually teaches you the correct way to slackline instead of just trying to hop on and walk across. After unboxing you should have your slackline set up in about 15 minutes.

For this 50 foot one, you need at least 25 or so feet between the trees or wherever you are anchoring it to in order to have enough room to really move around. Your Beginner Slackline will be perfect for summer fun. If you have hills near your home this is great to use. SO many hours of fun playing with this slackline. Sturdy enough to last a long time and so awesome to know that your kids are safe. Adults will love it as well because it can handle pretty much anybody who wants to play. It’s a GREAT core workout and something that will take some time to get good at.

Check out the Slackline Industries Baseline Slackline Complete Kit here.


Extra Long Beginner Slackline

REBEL 59 FT (18m) Premium Slackline - Classic Slackline Kit for Beginner to Advanced

If you’re looking for a REALLY long Beginner Slackline with a bulletproof ratchet, you will want to check out the REBEL Premium Slackline. It’s extremely sturdy thick and well built so you will have no concerns about the line or the ratchet breaking or anything. It is made of nice durable heavy duty nylon webbing and is a bright orange color and has black accents on it and the logo REBEL across a section of it.

Very easy to set up, you just slip one end through the loop after wrapping it around a tree. Do the other end the same way and then ratchet them together in the middle. Make sure it is really, really tight because when you put a lot of weight on it, it will sag if it has any slack! It’s really fun to try and walk back and forth to balance. After some practice you could even start working on your ninja training, why not?

Check out the REBEL Premium Slackline here.


It’s hard to get kids (and grown-ups) outdoors these days and having fun things like this is an incentive. The Slackline also teaches balance and perseverance. My husband and I have had fun balancing as well. Maybe someday we can work up to a trick or two on the best beginner slackline.

We’ve written about some other fun outdoor activities as well, like frisbee and inflatable SUP boards. Let us know what you think!



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