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It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner when it comes to water paddle boards, and you’re excited to explore that new world or you’re a pro surfer looking for a new challenge, the Inflatable SUP is great fun for everyone. It will even serve as a Water Yoga Mat so you can float and relax. Most people that have tried the Inflatable SUP board claim that there’s almost no difference when compared to the hard boards and some even prefer it.

Not looking for this water sport to be your next adventure? Take a look at some other camping accessory ideas. We have some water sports in there like water tubing and such. All you need there is a boat 😉

There are many benefits to the Inflatable SUP board, there’s no doubt about it. You just need to keep reading and find the perfect one for you:


The Military Grade Atlantis Inflatable SUP Board

Atlantis Paddle Boards SUP Inflatable Paddle Board

If you’re looking for a military grade material built to withstand rocky shores and white water rapids, as well as a great board for beginners, you should look into the Atlantis SUP Inflatable Paddle Board. This board has a Unique 3 fin design (many others have 1 fin) which allows for extra stability for a beginner or 2 person rides.

The board itself is 6” thick and 10’6″ long, easy to inflate and deflate and convenient to travel with. I’ve even checked it as luggage when flying. I don’t see why I would rent a board when I’m on a vacation, when I can just check it on the plane with me. It has a superb design and if you did not see it inflate or deflate, you would never believe it is an inflatable board. The included pump actually works great. I can get the board up to the required 12PSI in about 2 minutes of vigorous pumping. My friend has the same thing and he suggests getting an electric pump for it. Regardless of how you pump it, it needs to be to at least 12 PSI. You may feel like you’re over inflating your Inflatable Sup, but you’re not. The gauge on the pump is accurate. It’ll feel ready well before it reaches the 12 PSI, but from my brief experience there is a world of difference a few extra PSI make. The Inflatable Sup is very stable at proper PSI and surprisingly easy to turn despite its overall weight. It is also very stable, tracks well and the fin attachment is excellent.

With Atlantis Inflatable Sup Storage is a problem no more because a deflated SUP is about the size of a rolled up sleeping bag. This will allow you to tuck it into the trunk of your car and easily store in a closet. It comes with removable sleeves for the small fins and in the off season you can simply store it in the garage.

This package comes with the Inflatable Sup as well as a very light weight backpack carrier bag and an Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle & Dual Action High Pressure Pump with PSI Gauge.

Check out theThe Military Grade Atlantis Inflatable SUP Board here.

Inflatable SUP: Pathfinder

PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard

Another great Inflatable SUP which has a great support among the Amazon Crowd is the Pathfinder. The Pathfinder Inflatable SUP is a perfect all-around SUP board. It comes in blue or orange color. It is versatile and durable and it’s 9’9″ long and 5″ thick board. The board is very sturdy on the water with a wide base making it perfect for yoga on calm waters. You may consider getting a paddleboard anchor if you plan on being in water with a current.

The Pathfinder Inflatable Sup package comes with EVERYTHING you need: inflatable board, pump, paddle, fin, valve wrench, bag and instructions. After you unpack it, fill the board with the pump, slide the fin in and click it into place. The paddle will click right into place as well, and can be adjusted. It has a hook for a leash, which is great.
Overall, I have to say that I LOVE this board. I cannot think of anything that I do not like about this board. The quality for the price, the color, the ease of packing/storage. The paddle performs wonderfully and the valve wrench is a great tool. It’s a little tricky getting it pumped up and getting the board to 15 PSI can be pretty taxing. When you are done with the board, simply use the valve wrench to release the air, and it will deflate very quickly. From there, just fold the board, and package everything up!

Check out the Inflatable Pathfinder Sup here.


My Personal Favorite: iRocker Inflatable SUP

iRocker Paddle Board

My personal favorite is the iRocker Inflatable SUP which is 10-Feet long and 6-Inches Thick. In my opinion when this boy gets pumped to 15PSI max, its rigid construction makes it the most similar to a hard board. It comes in a Package with Backpack and Travel Paddles which is very neat.

With the iRocker Inflatable SUP you won’t need roof racks anymore. You can just throw it in the trunk of your car or travel the world with it in your luggage. It is very well made and extremely durable. The inflation process is a relatively easy and only requires a small amount of effort for a large amount of fun. I have used this one in the bay, on a river and in the ocean and each time I have had limited difficulty staying on the board or even paddling against a 20kt headwind.

The board tracks truly and glides nicely whilst keeping the paddler high and dry on top of 6″ rails. I would highly recommend these boards to anyone who is looking for an inflatable. The portability combined with a board that doesn’t chip or ding itself or the paddler, are all great reasons to think seriously about purchasing one… or two.

Check out the iRocker Inflatable SUP here.


Relax and Meditate on Your Isle Inflatable SUP Board

ISLE Surf and SUP Airtech 10-Feet Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Bag

If you’re not interested into water rafting but would prefer to use your Inflatable SUP for Yoga and relaxation, then you are definitely looking for the ISLE Airtech Inflatable Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board that is 6″ Thick and 10’4″ long and it comes with an Adjustable Travel Paddle, a Carrying Bag and a Pump.

The wide nose and tail outline offers a large stable platform for Yoga or just a leisure cruise in the bay. The ISLE Airtech Inflatable SUP comes equipped with a rail paddle mounted bungee system so your paddle doesn’t interfere with your Yoga workout along with top deck bungee system just above the traction for easy access to gear or a water bottle. The board’s center carry handle makes transport super smooth, and the tail mounted stainless steel D-ring is perfect for attaching a leash or tying up to docks. It inflates very quickly, about two hundred strokes on the easy to use pump and you’ll be ready for the water. On the cosmetic side, this board is nice to look at, the colors are vibrant tropical teal and purple with white logo and lovely swirling graphics. All these features and a stylish design for a price that’s hard to beat.

Check out the ISLE Airtech Inflatable Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board here.


All-Around Inflatable SUP

PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

On the other hand if you’re looking for a best All-Around Inflatable SUP Board then your best choice would be PEAK Inflatable SUP Board. This SUP board might suit many styles but it is designed and tested by people who surf and paddle every day. I absolutely recommend this board to both beginners AND experienced paddlers. I have been paddle boarding for years on a lot of different boards. I spent months researching inflatable SUPs and this is the board that made the most sense for so many reasons. Here are the simple truths about this board: the included accessories are all great quality. The backpack is really fantastic, comfortable to carry has room for the board, pump and paddle to go inside. The paddle absolutely exceeds expectations. The pump is also very user friendly.

The board feels as solid as a non-inflatable. The package comes with an Adjustable Paddle, Travel Backpack and a Coil Leash. You will just LOVE this board. It stays on top of the water better than some hard boards. Easily folds back up to store.

Check out the PEAK Inflatable SUP Board here.


This One Is For The Beginners

Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP

A perfect Inflatable SUP for beginners is the Ten Toes WEEKENDER. If you’re worried that it wouldn’t be firm enough to be stable or that it would be easily damaged, this crazy-cool paddleboard will ease your fears. It’s a big board and it’s nice and wide so at 10′ long, it’s easier to maneuver and less intimidating for beginning boarders. If you’ve never tried it, it’s an excellent way to work your core, but if you aren’t already in fairly decent condition to begin with, it’s likely to wear you out at first – if you stick with it you’ll get into great shape. Whatever your intentions this Inflatable SUP board is great for fitness, yoga or an all-day family fun. When collapsed the Ten Toes Inflatable SUP board measures approximately 11×36 and is incredibly easy to load and unload.

Check out the Ten Toes WEEKENDER here.


SO next time you decide to go for a water adventure make sure you have the right board in your arms. I hope you found the right fit for you among the 7 Inflatable SUP boards I talked about.




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