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With Patagonia’s Nano Air Jacket it will be an easy decision to leave your tent, get your tools ready, tag the summit and return. But it really doesn’t matter if you’re planning to go mountain climbing, hiking, fishing or camping, this is the massively hyped jacket you will want to sleep in and never take it off. You can also take a look at some other cool outdoor gear here.

Patagonia Nano-Air Jacket

Why is The Nano Air Jacket so hyped you ask?

The jacket has an incredibly soft, supple feel and full mechanical stretch which will give you a close, athletic fit over base layers and an uninhibited range of motion. You can absolutely put it on, leave it on and forget about it. It is extremely lightweight and breathable and will remain warm when wet.

I was backpacking at 10k+ elevation and was wearing this throughout the night – I barely needed my sleeping bag around my upper body at 30’F with just a t-shirt on underneath. It’s super toasty despite the light weight. Add a layer of Capilene and throw a good shell on top and this will keep you warm even on the coldest days. And just as a bonus, it looks great so it even works for the casual in town adventures like getting to work or taking the wife for a night on the town! I’m pretty average size wise and it fits me great.

I can comfortably wear a couple capilene layers underneath. I can also put a shell layer on top and not feel bunched up like the marshmellow man. I still have all the range of motion I need for skiing the trees! I agree with the note that it is slim fit, it’s not baggie and does not hang loose anywhere.

The waist line is right where I like it, just below the belt line. The arms fit me great, but my wife tried one on and they were super long on her. She has a short torso but I have read others have had the same problem. When zipped, fits right up to the chin and not to tight around the neck.

The Nano Air jacket is a great improvement over Patagonia’s older insulation layers, such as the Down Sweater and the Nano Puff Hoody. Still provides the same warmth as a regular Nano Puff, but it’s even more versatile to wear since the entire jacket is breathable and stretchy. The fabric has a matte finish which I think gives it a little more casual crossover, so you don’t look super tech’d out wearing it around day to day.

What is SO special about the Nano Air Jacket?

I personally love the fact that it comes with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, which is a coating added to fabrics at the factory to make them water-resistant. This new tech addition to your jacket will definitely keep its breathability on a high level. Instead of spreading and seeping into your nylon outer shell, the water droplets stays more spherical and easily roll off the garment.

After heavy use and a lot of washes, DWR can be reapplied via spray-on or wash-in treatments. Many spray-on and wash-in products for treatment of non-waterproof garments and re-treatment of proofed garments losing their water-repellency are available from sources of sporting apparel.

Sprays are made by Grangers, Nikwax, Stormsure, McNett, Trek7, Dry Guy Waterproofing and others. Make sure you stay away from harsh detergents since they will speed up the DWR loss. Another thing to be careful with is soaps which leave a residu that attracts waterand dirt. On the other hand, rain water or salt water affects DWRs less significantly.

Comfortable and Versatile

The first thing you will notice when you try your Nano Air Jacket on is that it is very comfortable and well designed. Its fit is similar to most insulation pieces, although it is roomier than most mid-layers but still slim enough to go easily under a hard or soft shell jacket. It is as comfy as a fleece or light puffy. One thing to be careful about is using your Nano Air Jacket as an outer layer in windy, damp, or wet conditions.

Its shell material is not waterproof and, by design, air moves very easily through all parts of the garment. So make sure you bring a shell jacket in cool weather with medium or stronger winds. Wind seems to go through the jacket. That is a part of why it has such a wide comfort range. Overall well worth the price. The Nano Air jacket is meant to be a layer you don’t have to remove.

This means that on a mountain ridge the jacket is breathable and flexible enough for a climber during a morning ascent, but insulated enough to keep the same climber warm later during a shady repel but this might also mean you’re at risk for being that guy at work who leaves his jacket on all day.

A small but awesome detail that might matter to some (it did to me) is the change Nano Air made with the main zipper which is adding a chain zipper instead of a coil zipper. Chain zippers are stronger than coil, require less force to slide, and are easy to repair out in the field. There are three outer pockets, one chest and two waist (if you want two chest pockets, get the Nano Air Hoody). Each pocket is welted so that the entire outside of the jacket is flat and free of obstructions.

Another good feature is the drawstrings at the hem for cinching down the bottom part of the jacket. The cuffs, though, are not adjustable in any way. I am thinking about getting the hooded version of Nano Air for the extra versatility. I could also use the hood in extremely cold temperatures.

To Sum It All Up

  • The Nano Air is a great improvement over Patagonia’s older insulation layers, such as the Down Sweater and the Nano Puff Hoody.
  • It’s lightweight and warm, not to mention a perfect fit and it will keep you at a comfortable temperature.
  • Use it riding mountain bikes, camping, mountain-climbing, running or just walking around town.

I’m a big fan of Patgonia products and this is one of the best jackets in its lineup for multi purpose use. Only downsides is that it’s not wind proof but it is super comfortable under a shell jacket. On the other hand, who would have believed something so light and stretchy could be so toasty warm?

Check Out the Nano Air Jacket Now!

The Nano Air Jacket definitely sets a new standard and hopefully the future for all similar types of outdoor clothing. If you have any interest in the Nano Air, just pull the trigger. You will not be disappointed.

Patagonia Nano-Air Jacket

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