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To talk about Hatteras Hammocks, you really have to start with Walter R. Perkins Jr. the owner of the company. Or as his team likes to call him: “Mr. P.”

His employees talk about the energetic fun that encompasses any room he walks into. Now in his 70s, Mr. P. is energetic as ever, not easily contained, and not good with being told no. Tell him he can’t do something he believes he can, and he’ll find a way to, rest assured! The veteran Hammock-Maker has got to be up and doing, fiddling with things, creating new stuff, making the old stuff even better. Which is exactly how he ended up with a hugely successful family company on his hands before he even knew he was starting a business at all.

For years now, Hatteras Hammocks has been an industry leader in the production of high-end Hammocks, Hammock Swings, Hammock Stands, Swing Stands and Hammock Accessories. The scrappy North Carolina company got there by staying true to Mr. Perkins’ simple but highly uncommon formula for success: “Figure out how to do it right, and then do it even better still. Keep moving, keep making, keep improving.” This might be the reason why for the past 40 years Hattera has been the leader of relaxation among the good people of the USA.

The thing that really sets Hatteras Hammocks apart from anything else is their commitment to make a better hammock. This has led them to both new and improved materials for construction and innovative approach to manufacturing. These are the 5 “secret ingredients” of Hatteras Hammocks:

Hatteras Hammock Large Quilted Hammock

Hatteras Hammocks Innovative DuraCord Fabric

Top-of-the-line DuraCord fabric is a solution-dyed synthetic they helped design to be resistant to staining, rot, mold and mildew. It is surprisingly soft – its softness, in fact, rivals that of cotton. One good example for such a comfortable fabric use is Hatteras Large Quilted Hammock. Though made from synthetic yarn, DuraCord yields a cozy, cotton-like fabric and does not leave the “typical” hammock burn on your skin. There’s enough room for two people (less then 430lbs) and it is very high quality. Each end of the hammock has a large metal ring and about 12 inches of chain. You use the chain to adjust the hanging tension. From the two big rings, there are many healthy white ropes that pass through the nice thick heavily varnished piece of oak, to heavy duty metal grommets. Those grommets are attached to a very thick layer of heavy duty cloth. The cloth is in turn sewn into the soft quilt of the hammock. You will love its beautiful vibrant colors. This Hammock is a luxury beyond imagination. I’ve logged many hours reading, watching movies on my portable DVD player, listening to music, sleeping, or just looking at clouds and the leaves of our 90 year old maple. One of the best investments you’ll ever make in outdoor furniture.

Hatteras Quilted Hammock

Talking about great investments, did I mention Hatteras Pillowtop Hammock? The question with this one is: How much cushiony comfort can your body handle? To quote the team behind this exquisite product: “Born from the idea that a hammock must be the most comfortable product you use, we created the pillow top hammock.” Prepare to be extremely comfortable. This Hammock can easily hold up to two people.

Hatteras Large DuraCord Rope Hammock

Hatteras “Soft” Rope

They offer two varieties of rope, both of them synthetic: bright-white soft-spun polyester and DuraCord, available in several colors. These are cotton alternatives that deliver unsurpassed durability without the rigorous upkeep demands, all the while sacrificing nothing in comfort. Take for example the hand crafted Deluxe DuraCord Rope Hammock. Its Synthetic material resists absorption, mildew, and dries quickly yet is cotton-soft. When it comes to durability, people have had it for over 20 years. The overall size of this hammock is very large, you could lay in it with three kids and still be comfortable. It is amazing how almost better than cotton it feels and if you’re looking for a weather and dirt proof material for your summer place this could be the perfect fit. Buy quality at a fair price and this will last you for years.

Hatteras Hammocks Deluxe Cushioned Double Swing

It’s All About The Wood

The wood used for the creation of Hatteras Hammocks is called Cumaru, a.k.a Brazilian teak. It’s an incredibly dense, nonabsorbent South American hardwood, that resists rotting, doesn’t split after being out in the sun a long time, is unattractive to boring insects and naturally weathers to a beautiful silver-gray. They also use Southern Cypress and Southern white oak that is repeatedly hand dipped in marine-grade varnish, drawing out the hardy hardwood’s natural hue of sumptuous honey gold. This exact Southern White Oak they used to make the steam bent swing frame of the Hatteras Hammocks Deluxe Cushioned Double Swing. This swing can act as your own personal airborne pleasure boat, anchored on your front porch or side patio, or in a favorite backyard nook. All you have to do is settle in and shove off from those endless day to day worries. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It will be your personal piece of Heaven and a great way to welcome Peace into your life after a long day. The only thing that could make this picture better is if we had a Hatteras Hammock Pillow that would help us relax and drift off.

Hatteras L-STBRTX Tri-Beam Bronze Steel Hammock Stand

Hatteras, Industry’s Heaviest

They use the heaviest steel and they offer a Tri-Beam Steel Hammock Stand that is simple to assemble – no tools needed. The thing that sets them apart is their signature 360-degree welding process to secure the foot and base poles of the Hammock Stands. The weld is applied where one pole sits inside a half-moon groove punched in the other. Sounds secure enough to me! The one Hammock Stand I would definitely recommend is the Hatteras L-STBRTX Tri-Beam Bronze Steel Hammock Stand that they offer on Amazon. Its 12-gauge steel poles are 2 inches in diameter for stability and they support up to 600 pounds. This Hammock Stand is perfect in many ways but It’s the little details that make all the difference. For example: At first, you might not care that the hooks are zinc plated, but you’ll certainly wish they were after the stand weathers a couple rain storms. The assembly takes about two minutes, which includes putting the tubes together via spring-loaded locking pins, and putting the rubber end-caps on. Easy as pie. The tubes aren’t light, but they’re light enough that virtually anyone could do the assembly on their own. Once the whole deal is assembled, all that is left to do is to jump in!

Hatteras Hammocks ALSTTP Aluminum Arc Hammock Stand

Another innovative Hammock Stand worth mentioning is the Aluminum Arc Hammock Stand. It allows you to hang your Hammock anywhere so you will never have to worry again about finding two perfect trees to hang your hammock from. This stand will give you all the sturdiness and heightened weather ability of powder-coated metal, but it is considerably more lightweight than steel arc hammock stands. It has an award-winning arc design that supports up to 450 pounds.

Hatteras Hanging Hardware

They use the Industry’s largest hanging hardware and heaviest steel. Enough said. Of course if you have devoted yourself to relaxation and already purchased any of Hatteras products you might also want to keep them safe. The trick to keeping cotton rope hammocks functional forever is proper storage for the winter months and treatment upon deployment in the spring. First before storing, spray the entire hammock with Lysol spray. buy the big cans for less in bulk at BJ’s, Costco, or Sam’s Club, and soak the rope on both sides before storing.

Hatteras Hammocks Hammock Storage Bag LSB

Then they need to go into a bag to keep the Lysol in for a time while ventilating slowly. The Hatteras Hammock Cotton Storage Bag works perfectly. Then in the spring when deploying, do a light spray of Lysol to sweeten the cotton. The hammocks will last for years and years. Hammocks can be awkward things to store, and you certainly don’t want to leave it laying on a garage or basement floor.

Judging by their success story, Hatteras Hammocks had blossomed into the world’s top Hammock Producer, known for its humble and storied beginnings, unmatched designs that people just love, innovative blending of handcrafting and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that keeps everyone’s backs more comfortable, or to put it in their own words: “For plain and simply making one darn-fine Hammock, and then always working to make the next one even better still.”



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