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Hammocks were originally developed in tropical regions for sleeping. Today, they’re popular around the world for relaxation and can be used as lightweight beds on camping trips. And thus was born the genre of portable folding hammocks.

If you love hammocks but simply don’t have the necessary tree arrangement to have a traditional one you might want to look into Portable Folding Hammocks. They are very easy to set up and take apart, they are portable so you’ll be able to take them pretty much anywhere you’d like and they will provide all the comfort you’re looking for. Take it with you on a fishing trip, when you go camping, to an Open-Air festival or you can even have one set up inside the house and everyone will love it!


Hanging Out In Style On The Guide Gear Portable Folding Hammock

The Guide Gear Portable Folding Hammock is easy to setup, easy to take down and it feels sturdy. It doesn’t require any brute force, back breaking, or sweat to set up or take apart. Anyone can easily break it down and have it ready to carry off in less than one minute, and then have it set up and ready to rock again in another minute. If your plan is to use it every day and then fold it back for the night, you will love this Portable Folding Hammock. It may not have the attractiveness of some of the standalone hammocks, but the portability is great.

You can set one up inside the house, in your dining room, in the park or at the beach. I have used it at the beach a few times now and I always get passers by asking me where I got it from. It’s very comfortable, and the mesh keeps it cool in the summer allowing a sweat less/dry lounge. The carry bag looks really nice, it has backpack straps and a zipper. It is super easy to carry around and you could consider taking it for camping as well. I had wondered how getting a 26 pound Portable Hammock Stand in a bag would go, but with the side zipper you just unzip, slide the bag on, re-zip. Sometimes simple things is all we need for a great camping experience!

The only thing I wanted to change is the Hammock, which I did BUT I put a short 8 foot cloth hammock on the frame (I knotted the strings on a cheap 8 ft camping hammock) and now I have the perfect combo. A nice comfortable safe napping hammock that is portable. I can’t imagine going on any future camping trips without it and I am sure my family feels the same. How can you beat a product that was one of the Top 10 Best Selling Portable Folding Hammocks for 2016?


Take Your Folding Hammock Anywhere You Go

The Fold and Go Travel Hammock folds up just like a chair. This Collapsible Hammock is SO comfortable – it’s impossible not to fall asleep in this thing. I’ll plop into this thing with my book, with every intention of getting through a bunch of pages, but inevitably I’ll be snoring within minutes. The only assembly is attaching the fabric you recline on. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to fold. Very stable. I loved it. The maximum recommended weight from the manufacture is 225lbs which was fine by me. This Folding Hammock could be a great gift as well. It comes in a protective carrying bag and even has a small pillow. The frame is sturdy welded metal with a high gloss painted finish.

Because it’s attached to the frame in all four corners, it doesn’t swing AT ALL and as such is more stable than any other Portable Hammock I’ve ever seen. It’s also very well made, with beefy components throughout. It’s seemingly rare these days to find something that appears to be over-built, but this thing fits the bill. While that adds to the weight of the hammock and prohibits its use as something you can hike with, it’s perfect for around the house or to take on camping trips. Very nice matching storage bag too!



Your Backpacking Luxury You Can’t Live Without – The Portable Chair

When backpacking, there are some luxuries you can’t live without, even when backpacking light. For me, it’s something comfortable to sit on in camp. The Terralite Portable Camp/Beach Chair is actually above comfortable and truly great for any outdoor activity.

I know many backpackers use an egg carton-type pad or sit on their bear canisters. I choose to take the extra weight and be comfortable. The chair is about 3 lbs. and for me, it’s well worth it. I thought it might be easily broken but it is quite sturdy. It is also perfect for a trip to the Beach or an Outdoor Festival. Easily attach the chair to a backpack or bag with the built in Velcro straps for hands free transport.

I am an intermediate backpacker and have often been frustrated by the feet of my tripod stool and chair sinking into the rain-soaked ground. This chair meets that problem head-on. It includes four larger feet so it floats on top of sand or mud. The chair is lower than normal, not as low as a beach chair. It measures 14 inches from ground to seat height and about 28 inches from ground to top of chair. The feet are a little heavy, but if you want a comfortable, no-hassle seat next to a lake or fire in the rain-soaked mountains, it is worth the extra weight!

In Conclusion

So next time you plan your Camping, Hiking or Backpacking trip, or just want to lounge at the beach, make sure you have a Portable Folding Hammock or a Portable Chair with you. You will definitely attract all the attention, but even more than that you will be able to choose your own comfortable spot and enjoy some lounging time.

Most people get a Portable Hammock as a gift for someone else, usually a member of the family, but then realize how comfortable and great it is to own one and get one for themselves. Before they know it the entire family has one. I guess it is for the best, since it is very difficult to share such a pleasure that is the amazing Portable Folding Hammock.


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