5 Hammock Tent Ideas To Enjoy Life While Camping Hiking Or Lounging


If you’re trying to get your grumpy lower back off the ground during your Camping or Backpacking trip you might have already considered getting a hammock tent. Sounds like a great idea. But how will you choose the best fit for you among the millions of choices on Amazon? Rest easy because after reading this article you’ll be able to make an educated decision on 5 different hammock tents.

The first decision you should make when choosing your ideal hammock tents\ is to figure out where you will use it. As a general rule, bigger models would be ideal for camping trips. Usually they will hold a mosquito net to keep pesky insects out and are a bit wider to accommodate a sleeping bag. On the other hand, if you are planning to lounge at a campsite you won’t be needing a bug net and that hammock tent can be smaller, making it easier to fit into a small day pack. At a cost of almost the fraction of the cost for a camping chair, hammocks can be a great asset to any outdoor adventure!

Eclypse II Camping Hammock – Escape Bugs And Sleep On Clouds

When it comes to choosing the right camping hammock, people usually worry about the insects a lot. They want to be protected during the night from any and all bug bites. Eclypse II Camping Hammock has this problem stain-solved. They have included a Mosquito net in the package which keeps the bugs out and lets you sleep in peace. People just love this perk saying it is everything you love about Hammock Camping, but with less bug bites! The most loved feature when it comes to this particular Hammock Tent is the comfortable sleep it offers. It features 210 Ripstop nylon, triple-stitching, and quality pattern. Happy campers feel rested like babies in this one! It’s super simple to fold up back into its little pouch when you’re done as well. Another great feature is the double 400lb weight capacity which means that you can hop inside with your family and feel secure. One thing you should be careful with is if you are going to do Hammock Camping in cold weather conditions. An Under Quilt for the hammock would be a smart investment to consider. All in all this is a great lightweight Hammock Tent that regardless its inexpensive price point is really well made and durable. You do need to be gentle with the bug netting and the zippers.


Lounge away on The Alpha Double Camping Hammock

The Alpha Double Camping Hammock is a great Lounging Hammock. This is a lightweight portable Rip Stop Nylon Parachute Hammock that is created for Backpackers, Travelers and people that love to spend leisure time on the Beach and in their Yard. The whole Family will enjoy this one. Young and older alike. If you have any worries considering the Weight limits, this spacious Camping Hammock can hold plenty. The Craftsmanship is right on with the Triple Stitching. It is roomy enough for one person to lounge, but it can hold the whole family for a playful time.The material is Microfleece Blanket. It’s lighter and feels much nicer than cloth hammocks, but it also gets colder. People that love gadgets will appreciate the drawstring stuff sack that doubles as a convenient storage bag. You can also keep your gear safe in there. The Alpha Hammock has a high 4.6 out of 5 star score rating among Amazon clients. It is very easy to set it up and take it down which will make your daily use a breeze. The only thing required should it rain is a tarp.


Meet The Bear Butt Hammock Tent

This charming start-up company knows how to attract their clients by claiming their Hammock Tent, called Bear Butt will fit a Grizzly Bear. Challenge accepted! For setting it up you will not require any hardware, all you need is 2 trees or posts or really anything to tie your hammock up to. The Hammock is perfect for two people. Very snuggly and cozy. The set up comes with everything you would need to Hang in a Hammock Anywhere. No Stands or Beams required. With its high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, Bear Butt is a camping enthusiast’s favorite, and they swear on its quality and price. It is so practical and easy to use which makes it perfect for beginners. Some people prefer to upgrade the original ropes with 550 cord or Kodiak Straps. As we mentioned before this company goes above and beyond to bring smiles on their client’s faces. Apart from the easy return policy, The Customer Service is incredible, the Post-buy experience is involved and friendly, and the Guarantees are beyond expectations. Plus, the name of the Company can’t be beat in the hammock world.


Bugs Away Camping Hammock Tent

If you’re looking for a Hammock Tent to enjoy leisure time with your children (bug free) look no further. The Camping Hammock Tent with Mosquito net might be a smart choice. Its very well constructed Mosquito and bug net will save you and your family from any insect. The net is attached on one side of the hammock which helps keep it straight. Not only does it keep the mosquitos off, but the ants, flies and other pests as well! It is light weight so it won’t be a burden to carry it to go Camping or Hiking. It is very sturdy in construction and doesn’t seem like it will rip easily. On the practical side, you need trees about 12 to 14 feet apart–any further and you will need to add rope. Some people prefer to spend a couple bucks on extra Tree Straps especially if you plan to go Hammock Camping for an extended period of time. Takes a bit of getting used to to get in and out, mostly because it has one zipper but it’s just as comfortable to sleep in as any memory foam mattress.


The Ultimate Bug Free Hammock

This is a good quality, durable hammock tent that will last you a long time. I have heard of experienced campers using Hammock Bliss for 3 years in a row and they swear by it. Some campers choose to add a structural ridge line to help keep the 30° hang angle so they can have a flat lay on the camping hammock. When setting it up, make sure you bring some extra rope for the tarp (if you’re bringing one) and you will need to know how to tie Overhand Knots or other Knots to join the two pieces. A Bowline knot would work great in this case. If you plan on Camping for a longer period of time in a colder environment make sure you have a good quality sleeping bag with you. Tent Hammocks are known to be cold against the body. On the positive side this Camping Tent will keep all the insects and bugs outside. It comes with a 2100 Holes per Square Inch Reversible NoSeeUm Netting so no more unexpected visits from lizards or squirrels at night. It’s a safe feeling well worth the price.

I hope this helped out a bit in choosing which hammock tent is the best choice for you. Always have in mind the great advantages of hammock tents compared to the traditional tents. For one you’ll sleep better. They are lightweight and easier to set up and most important of all, you’ll never miss the stars again in your hammock tent.


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