Campfire Recipes – Campfire Angry Apples from Angry Orchard


We are really excited to share with you a campfire recipe that you might not have seen before. We present to you Campfire Angry Apples from Angry Orchard.

After a long hike, or if you are just camping in the back yard, after you pitch your tent, one of the best past times is sitting by a campfire exchanging stories. Knowing some killer campfire recipes will heat up the night before. Something over the fire’s coals or over wood gathered from around the camp site (if allowed) almost always tastes better.  Killer food and fun snacks undoubtably adds to the experience and can bring a night to the next level. Angry Orchard has put together a really good campfire recipe that is 100% worth giving a shot. And the best thing is, it’s super simple.


Campfire Angry Apples

Serves 4 


  • 4 large baking apples (Honeycrisp, Mutsu, or Granny Smith)
  • 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
  • 1 Each crunchy granola bar, broken up
  • 1 bottle Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
  • Vanilla ice cream (optional, but yes, totally worth it)
  • 4 large pieces heavy-duty foil


  1. Slice apples in half and core. Place 2 halves in each piece of foil, skin side up.
  2. Sprinkle apple with 2 Tablespoons brown sugar and ¼ granola bar.
  3. Fold up edges of packet, and pour about 3 ounces (1/4 bottle) of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider over.
  4. Fold up edges and seal packet tight.
  5. Place directly in smoldering embers of a campfire, or close to the edge of a roaring one.
  6. Cook until packets begin to hiss and bubble; remove and set aside until cool enough to touch.
  7. Open and enjoy. Or enjoy with vanilla ice cream.

With the leaves turning into picturesque paintings all around us, Fall in full swing. Simply put, now is as good a time as an to give this a shot. If this makes you want to go camping as badly as it does us, then what are you waiting for? Your charcoal is right here.


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