Keeping Wild Animals Out of Your Home In The Winter


 When the winter of the year approaches, you need to be aware that there are always wild animals out there that are looking for food and shelter. And, if your home is not sealed up where they can’t get in, you will eventually begin to hear scratching or scurrying sounds in your attic or down in your basement. Also, you may notice droppings that have been left behind by a species of wild animal that has recently invaded your home. There are a few kinds to be aware of in the colder months, ones that are somewhat more aggressive than others.

   Raccoons are probably the most aggressive wild pest that you could ever encounter. They are always digging through trash cans (their efficient hands help them to remove the lid off the can and ruffle through trash easily), and they will leave a big mess behind. Not only are they destructive, but they carry fleas and ticks as well. So, if you have a pet in your home, such as a dog or cat, your animal could possibly attain them from the wild species that has come in.

   There are other types as well, such as roof rats. These rodents reproduce at a high rate. Flying squirrels are also prone to invading the upper parts of your home, as well as bats. Do an inspection of your home to seal up the holes and/or cracks that you find, make sure all trash near your home is carried off, and be sure that the areas where you cook and grill outside are clean. You also should be sure to not leave bird food or pet food out in the open where these wild animals can find it. After you have taken these steps, contact a professional exterminator to be sure that your home has not been infested.


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