Houseboating on the Cumberland River


Have you ever considered a romantic getaway, but you just weren’t sure where to go? Or perhaps a unique family vacation? Or maybe even a fun holiday with friends? No matter what kind of group trip you’re thinking about taking, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind break from the world then maybe renting a houseboat on the Cumberland River is the way to go. Just like the RV trip of nostalgia through scenic National Parks and backcountry, a houseboat gives you an unforgettable way to get away from everything and just enjoy some peaceful time at one with the natural world.

Beautiful Country

The Cumberland River runs for over 680 miles through southern Kentucky and north-central Tennessee. This beautiful river sourced from the Appalachian Mountains runs through hundreds of miles of hilly country. Banked by thick, green woods and plenty of wildlife, it’s a dream vacation destination for anyone who likes to mix the luxuries of a city getaway with the peaceful atmosphere of the natural world. With its calming surroundings and the easy waters, the Cumberland provides a relaxing way to enjoy a vacation in a houseboat.

All The Amenities At Your Disposal

If you think that being on a boat means you have to give up all of the usual luxuries, think again. Houseboats are equipped with everything you could want and more. Bathrooms, a kitchen, and multiple bedrooms are all standard fare on rental houseboats. If you’re looking for something even more luxurious for your vacation, how about a hot tub that only takes a couple of hours to heat up? If vacationing means indulgence for you, a houseboat can easily cater to all of your needs. Renting one is easy and there are so many services available on the Cumberland River. Two of the most popular rental companies are State Dock in Kentucky and with boats from a number of different locations available.

State Dock Houseboats

If luxury is what you’re looking for, start at State Dock! They offer 11 different models of varying sizes with many features. Hot tubs are a standard plus all of the amenities like satellite TV and outdoor grills.

It’s versatility at your fingertips. They show houseboats available to rent from many different locations along the river. You get to choose where you start. While their selection feels a bit more limited, don’t be deceived. They have a variable number of luxurious houseboats available with all the bells and whistles. Not sure what you want? Then is a good place to start.

The Perfect Quiet Getaway

Ready to get away from the world and feel like you’re on an island all by yourself? If you’re ready to vacation somewhere surrounded by water and woods, then it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Book a houseboat and sail away…literally!

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