Top Four Tents for Cold Weather


Camping is one of the best pass times for people during the season. Roughing it out in the wilderness is an amazing experience for people. When camping, it’s a good idea to invest some top notch camping gear. When it comes to camping out in cold weather, having a tent that can stand up to the freezing temperatures is important. Here are the top four tents that are perfect for cold conditions.



The Alps Mountaineering Tasmanian 3

This tent is a full eight pounds and uses a two pole system and single poles added in to keep the tent in place. The price for this tent is a bargain compared to others meant for freezing conditions. The tent is tough and has space to spare when it comes to storage. The tent is large enough to cook in and to sleep in too. Once the tent is set up correctly, freezing winds will blow right over this tent.

The only downside is that this tent isn’t known for lasting very long. While it will probably last a few years, don’t expect to be able to last long if you need it for heavy use.

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Big Sky Chinook

This is another tent that doesn’t run up to high in price, but it’s still a decent investment. This tent is meant for two people and has a huge area available for gear on the inside. The other upside to this tent is that just two poles can be used to set it up for summer. When winter hits a third pole can be used to have it ready for winter. The Chinook can stand up to 60 mph wings, but the ridge pole has been known to bounce across the broad side of this tent. This problem is easily solved using some stronger poles, but it’s certainly an excellent tent.

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Mountain Hardwear EV 2

Probably the toughest tent to grace this list, the EV is meant for heavy duty camping. This single tent is super comfortable, tough as a bull shark, and can even be used during the summer months. The three DAC Featherlite NSL poles stand up well to whatever nature can throw at it too. While the EV does cost a pretty penny, this tent is perfect for heavy duty campers.

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Cruz X1 Assault

This is a small tent, but it’s meant to be set up very quickly. What it makes up for in smallness it can stand up well to the wind. This tent is not prone to the common wetness that can come in water since the X-tex fabric has an activated carbon which can absorb water. This tough tent is quite the investment, but is well worth it too.

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