Partying in the nature – joy of picnics


     Clear sky, sunny radiance, green pastures, relaxed ambiance and company of loved ones- as perfect elements for an enjoyable picnic, each of these contribute to the overall fun.  Partying amidst the feel of nature with companions of food, games, music and frolic, picnics are one of the best ways to spend weekends and vacations. By offering a wonderful opportunity to admire the nature, experience its extent, relish homemade food and connect with family and friends, picnics are truly exciting by all means.

    Born with an aim to explore the outdoors and change the monotonous routine of daily life, picnics come across as relaxing short breaks. Without any major arrangements, expenses, facilities or resources, picnics are the simplest option to have fun. Gardens, parks, areas around the swimming pool and lakes form the best location for a picnic. With a close look of the nature, such destinations add to the relaxing feel. Picnics are excellent means to spend quality time with loved ones. While change of place pumps energy and radiates enthusiasm, picnics provide numerous opportunities for communication. Away from the tensions, worries, anxieties and burden of routine life, picnics offer enjoyable moments. Taking us away from the closed atmosphere within walls of a house; spending an entire day in the outdoors is certainly wonderful.

   Customized as per the interest of members involved, picnics offer several flexible options. From delicacies of hot barbeque to satisfaction of home-cooked lunch boxes, from cold beverages and chips all day long to chocolates and candies as fillers, food is truly the most essential factor for a successful picnic. Ambiance of nature coupled with freshness of the atmosphere add their own charm to the food, converting simple home-cooked meal into delicious treat. Along with taste of the food, temporary arrangement of paper plates, cups and napkins bring raw appeal to the picnic. While perfect provision of cutlery and utensils confer a sophisticated touch to our dining table every passing day, randomness of resources and best use of available options are the keys to a successful picnic.

     Suitable for members of all age groups, picnics can unite the entire family. Though every individual may have diverse interests and activities during the course of picnic, it brings each one together under the common grounds of outdoor fun. From games to walks, from quiet relaxation to hearty talks, picnics enable it all. As daily routine of every member in the family differs from the others, activities such as picnics and camps bring them all together. Spending quality time with each other, enjoyment in the natural environment, close look of the nature and change of location are some of the highlights of a picnic. While we may detest the thought of long drives and strenuous road trips, picnics can be enjoyed at any location. Be it a community garden in the neighborhood or park within the radius of a mile, be it a lake side area on the outskirts or central park in the city, every location turns into a fantastic spot for picnics.

     What factors must be considered while planning a picnic?

  1. Choose a destination that suits the interest of every member involved.
  2. Search for the address and determine the travel time beforehand.
  3. Pack the desired food items, preferably dry that can stay fresh all day long.
  4. Avoid excess fried foods and wet items for the picnic.
  5. Carry enough water and beverages to stay hydrated.
  6. Decide comfortable clothes as per the weather conditions.
  7. Plan all the desired activities well in advance and carry the necessary resources accordingly.
  8. Carry additional plates, cups, tissue rolls and napkins.
  9. Carry newspapers to spread over the floor or table.


 With these essential guidelines, picnics turn into fun-filled engagement for all. An excellent means to party amidst the presence of nature, picnics are certainly wonderful in every way!


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