Boat Safety Checklist: Are You Ready to Ride?


Summer is finally in full swing and that means it’s the perfect time to be heading out over the water. Boating is a great way to relax, go fishing, or just enjoy quality time with friends and family. Boat safety is also very important before you head over to water. We want everyone to be safe this summer season, so here is a boat safety checklist we compiled together for you.

Check the Weather Report, Currents, and Tides

Remember to check the weather before heading out over the water. Checking the tide and currents before you leave is also a good rule of thumb. The weather can always take a turn for the worst and the last thing you want is to be stuck out over the water.

Tell Someone When You’re Going Boating

Chances are, when you’re going out on a boat you probably tell a friend or two when you plan on going. Remember to tell someone when you plan on returning with the boat and where you’re going when heading out over the water. This is a safety measure in case of an emergency. When you don’t return your friend or family member can contact help to come find you.

Supply Everyone with Life Jackets

Putting on a life jacket is boat safety 101, but many people often set it aside. Life jackets are important, especially for people who are non-swimmers. Check with everyone to make sure there’s a life jacket for each person. Even for people who do swim, make sure they have one too.

Have a Second Command

You will want someone to act as a ‘second in command’ in the even you or the captain of the boat becomes incapacitated for any reason. When you’re going out on the water you want a second person onboard who knows how to handle the boat. This is for your safety and your passenger’s in case of an emergency.

Acquaint Everyone with the Safety Items of the Boat

People who are not used to boating should be made familiar with the safety items located on there in case of an emergency. This includes the following:

  • Life jackets
  • Life sling or throw able flotation
  • Horn or sound producing device
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Flares or other visual distress signals
  • Operation of navigation lights

Boat safety is very important when you have people on board who are relying on you to keep them safe. Safety procedures should always be covered before going out on the water, even with people familiar with them. Refreshing their memory will only take up to five to fifteen minutes at most. Remember to always go over the safety procedures with people unfamiliar with your boat.

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