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Zip lining is the closest people can come to flying without leaving the ground. Zip lining involves going up to a high point and then going all the way back down to a low point. Thrill seekers will enjoy zip lining not only for the adventure it offers, but the opportunity to visit exotic locales. There are a couple of zip line destinations that are the most popular around the world. Here are a few of our favorites we wanted to share with you.

Gravity Canyon, New Zealand

This is a unique zip lining experience compared to other areas around the world. What sets this zip line is apart is by having the rider zip line on their stomach. They fly parallel to the ground below and this creates an amazing head rush. Riders have been known to hit up to 100 mph on this zip line. Riders will fly through the Rangitikei Canyon, over a riverbed that is 600 feet below them, under a bridge, and then finally towards a cliff. The best part? The zip line isn’t a one-way system, you stop in the middle and even roll back and forth a few times too.

Labadee, Haiti

Maybe you’re not up for so much adventure, but you just want a zip line in a tropical location? You’ll love the giant zip line that can be found in Labadee, Haiti. The zip line caters to the passengers on the Royal Caribbean cruises. This zip line has been hailed as the longest zip line in the world. Running over 2,600 feet right over the coves, you can enjoy the view of the mountains and the sky blue water. Riders get to coast down a five hundred vertical drop and have been known to reach up to speeds of 50 mph.

Icy Straight Point, Alaska

This is a stop for many cruise ships who frequent the Alaska region. The Zip Line, known as the ZipRider, is claimed to be the largest one in the world. While that remains to be true depending on other claims, the ride itself is certainly one to remember. The zip line runs for over a mile at a 1,300-foot vertical drop. The entire ride lasts for over a minute, so you’ll have quite the head rush by the time you reach the end. Six riders can ride this zip line at once on parallel lines to see who reaches the bottom first. Riders have been known to reach up to speeds of 60 mph, but the current record is 82 mph.

You’ll be sure to have a lot of fun on each of these zip lines. The next time you’re searching for a thrill, why not try one of these zip lines on your next adventure?

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