Vast acres of plantation, several crops on fields, huge stretches of greenery and dense cover of plants; as natural wonders that bless us with the gift of food -farms and fields play an important role in our lives. While the daily course of routine in cities or towns take us away from the magic of these places, long drive along such huge extent of farms remind us of their immense significance. As vegetables and fruits sold at supermarkets reach us in the final form, we often fail to appreciate their source of origin. Giving birth to the huge stock of food crops, grains, vegetables and fruits – farms and fields produce it all.

      A recent experience of road trip along huge stretches of farms on the outskirts of the city highlighted the value of these factors. Hard work of farmers, support of resources, arrangement of facilities and perfect conditions of climate and soil combine into the final successful outcome over farms. Large quantities of agricultural produce demonstrate the power of these farms as fuel for our growth. Richness of green cover on fields exhibits the interesting magic of nature. Sown within the scope of mother earth, as seeds germinate into crops and nurture on the land, such natural acts appear interesting in every way.

      From climbing creepers to small shrubs, from tall crops to huge trees – farms and fields are decorated by various types of produce. Innumerable varieties of crops grown all over the globe represent the rich wealth of agriculture. Differences in climate and soil conditions, coupled with influence of local culture, history, trends and practices give way to diverse types of produce.  While some common fruits and vegetables can cast their dominant spell in every part of the world, few others choose to flourish within the borders of a native land.

      Though increasing population and rising industrialization has expanded the horizon of a city or town, it is extremely essential to protect our farm lands. As valuable assets that bring happiness, joy, satisfaction and content in our lives, farms and fields are the never ending source of food. Protecting these stretches of land and encouraging the farmers in this noble task can boost the productivity of a nation. Green cover on farms and fields represent the wealth of our mother earth.  

    Admiring the significance of these wonders take us towards the vast stream of agriculture. A never-ending process that shall continue till the end of time – sowing, nurturing, reaping, harvesting, selling , cooking and eating form steps of a continuous cycle.

    While admiring the wide spread influence of nature, I was prompted to list down few highlighting aspects of these farms and fields:


  1. Huge stretches of land equipped with sole purpose of growing food, farms are wonderful wonders of nature.
  2. Though grown, maintained, protected and nurtured by our hard working farmer folks, natural elements of soil, rains and weather conditions play an important role too. Perfect blend between natural forces and man-made efforts combine into the successful output of produce.
  3. Protecting this green cover that provides us fresh supply of vegetables, fruits, cereals and crops is extremely essential.
  4. Farms and fields demonstrate the power in discipline, arrangement, management and planning as designated areas of land give the desired output of produce.
  5. Prosperous presence of farms depicts the richness of a nation. By representing the valuable assets of crops and plants – farms and fields denote signs of a nation’s progress.
  6. Though modern trend of fast food and instant recipes have brought many artificial substitutes to fresh grown produce, it is impossible to reproduce the same effect as offered by nature.


Such is the beauty of our farms, fields, crops and trees – by connecting us with the roots of life, they certainly form a long-lasting bond! Linking us to the wealth of soil, they take us closer to the soul of mother earth.




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