Hang Gliding Over the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing natural landmarks in the world. People from all the United States have come to see it in person. There are many opportunities to explore the Grand Canyon and all it has to offer. One of the ways to have a truly grand experience while on a visit is to go hang gliding over this marvelous landmark.

Why Hang Gliding?

When people think of flying, they think about the engines of an airplane. While this is flight, very few people have a chance to really be out in the open air. Hang gliding delivers a personal experience where you can have an obstructed view of what is below you. You’re not obstructed by a large hulk of metal or roaring engines keeping you aloft. You control where you go and what you see as you hang in the air several hundred feet up.

The rush of being so high has drawn many people to explore the Grand Canyon in this fashion. You would be amazed what an experience it is for people visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time. During the course of your visit, don’t you want it to be a memorable one?

Different Perspective

Thrill seekers will often turn towards the best thrill they can imagine. This is another reason why hang gliding is recommended at the Grand Canyon. Not only for the head rush, but the change of perspective too. What is it truly like to be a bird and to see the ground below you? Held aloft only by ‘wings’ instead of a helicopter or airplane? When your feet are not planted firmly on the ground beneath you, you’ll have a true sense of flight.

The Grand Canyon has a lot to offer in terms of a bird’s eye view too. The state of Arizona is well known for its clear skies and breathtaking landscapes. The Grand Canyon has numerous natural land formations that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. You can usually see huge swathes of the Grand Canyon you would not be able to see very well from the ground.

People who take to the air for their Grand Canyon tour have often seen the Colorado River snaking through the canyon. Other popular land formations are Oak Creek Canyon and Cathedral Rock which look amazing from the air too.

You will truly have a unique experience when you decide to hang glide over the Grand Canyon. Why should you walk when you can fly? Hang gliding truly offers the best Grand Canyon tour experience. You won’t regret seeing this marvelous slice of America from a bird’s eye view.

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