Eating on the Trail – Three Rugged Meal Ideas


Hiking is one of the best past times for people young and old. There are sites to see, one on one experiences with nature, and a chance to explore what’s out there in the world. Traveling at a walking pace along a well beaten path can be an experience unlike any other. While hiking is a good past time, preparing for it is another matter. Hiking trips can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for some people.

While hiking you need the energy to keep going each day. Here are a couple of meal ideas we gathered together you might want to try out next time you go hiking.

  • Easy to Carry Foods

Hiking takes a lot of energy if you’re doing it for a day or several. You want to bring a good stash of food with you in your backpack to make it easier to hike. You need food that is light, not to heavy, and can last a while. Your best bet is to go with non-perishable foods that are nutrient dense and lightweight. These foods can include meat jerky, dried fruits or vegetables, seeds, nuts, granola bars, ready-made tuna salad pouches, and even tortillas. Bring along a good stash of bottled water too.

  • Foods Easy to Prepare

Bringing food along that’s easy to carry is one way to keep yourself going. When you’re going to be hiking and camping for several days, you need foods that can last you for a long time. The first day out on your trip feel free to bring along a few perishable foods. You can consume these the first day and they’ll help you to have energy for your hike. You do want to map out your meals for your trip just to be safe. The foods you consume during your hike should be shelf stable and easy to pack options.

Fish and poultry pouches, even the canned varieties are a great to have a meal ready to prepare on a dime. Individual packets of sauce like mustard and mayo can let you add a little more spice to your meals. You may want to consider hot cereal, pancake mix, rice mix, and even freeze dried foods too.

  • Bring Non-Perishable Foods to Prepare a Meal

Canned meats, tortillas, flavor packets, and even a few choice spices give you the option of preparing your own meals while out on your hike. You do need a couple cooking utensils if you decide to go this route, but it will give you a few more options for food items. Remember not to bring along foods that can perish easily and to drink plenty of water on your hike.

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