Four Simple Items that can Save your Life on a Camping Trip


Camping is a favorite pass time for many people. Camping gives people the chance to have a one on one experience with nature. There are a variety of climates and wildlife to explore, not to mention the challenges that come with camping too.

There can and have been times where camping has gone completely wrong for some people. Places where people have gone missing by wandering too far into the wilderness, losing sight of their group, bad weather, and other factors. Today we’re here to share four simple items that could possibly save your life on a camping trip.

  • Solar Lantern with an SOS Setting

Light is probably one the main things we take for granted in this day and age. There are cities, cellphones, tablets computers, and all sorts of electronics that light up with just the press of a button. Out in the wilderness, you don’t have the convenience of having light on hand at all times. Using a solar lantern will not only provide you with a source of light, but the SOS setting on it causes the lantern flash the lifesaving signal using Morse code.

While this seems like a simple feature, there are very little people who know how Morse code. There are even some solar lanterns that act as a power bank and can be used to charge small electronics. Certainly one way to signal for a rescue, right?

  • Purification Water Bottle

Out in the wilderness, water is not filtered or running through a neat layer of pipes for you to drink. Water out in the wild can usually be contaminated with germs and bacteria that can make you sick. While food is important, people can’t last for more than a couple of days at most without water. Using a purification water bottle provides you with a source of clean water to drink and prevents you from drinking contaminated water.

  • Good Quality Multi-Tool Kit

Ever seen one of those crazy looking multi-tool kits that have a knife, can opener, nail file, and a whole bunch of other blades? Those little multi-tool kits can be a lifesaver in a risky situation since you’ll have access to a variety of tools all in one place. The knives alone can be great to gut a fish or open a can of food when you’re caught out in the wilderness.

  • Water Proof Lighter

Along with water being super important, so is fire in many cases too. Fire is another aspect of modern life we take for granted because it’s so easily available to us now. Starting a fire can be the decision between life and death since it allows you to do so much. Fire can help you to purify water by boiling it, cooking food, and even signaling for help.

When you’re getting ready to go camping, be sure to bring these four items just in case the worst happens.

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