Tips for Staying Warm during Winter Hiking Expeditions


The winter time can be a great time to go hiking. When you’re exerting yourself you can cool down just by opening or taking off a jacket. The usual pests and animals are hidden away until the weather starts to warm up which makes hiking even easier. Staying warm on a hiking expedition however involves a bit of knowhow and creativity. Here are a few tips we found to help keep you warm during your hiking adventure.

Use the Three Layer Rule

You may have heard dressing in layers can help you to stay warm during a hiking expedition can go a long way to keeping you nice and toasty. When dressing in layers, stick to the three-layer rule. The first layer should be your base layer, something thin and light. The middle layer helps to insulate your warmth and be made out of synthetic or merino wool. The outer layers should be water proof, wind proof, and well ventilated to allow your middle layer to dry.

Avoid cotton at all costs. While cotton is effective at keeping you warm, it loses its warming abilities once it gets wet. There will be times you’ll probably be sweating, so avoid wearing cotton when it comes to dressing in layers.

Drink a Lot of Water

The winter air can dry people out very quickly. Think about having a cold glass of water with ice cubes in it clinking together. Ever notice how water gathers on the outside of the glass? This is condensation, and the cold is pulling the water out of the air. Winter time has the same effect which makes the air very dry. Drinking plenty of water will help you to stay hydrated, but also help to keep you warm too.

Choose a Campsite Sheltered from the Wind

The campsite you pick plays a big part in helping you to stay warm. While there may be instances where you may have to camp out in the open, try to avoid it if at all possible. Choose a campsite that is among trees or blocks the wind to an extent. You want to make sure you have a good canvas tent too that can help to insulate the warmth and keeps out the cold.

Be Careful of Circulation

Remember we mentioned wearing layers? While layers are great for keeping you warm, make sure not to wear to many. Layers like too many socks can cause poor circulation in your feet. When you don’t have good circulation you can’t warm up properly. Use caution when dressing in layers and make sure you have good circulation.

These tips will help you to stay warm on your hiking expedition. Good luck, and remember to have fun!

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