The Best Way to Get Water out of a Tree


    No matter how hard you try to pack enough supplies there’s always a chance that you’ll still run out of something on your outdoor trip (someone always ends up either eating or drinking too much at a time!). The first thing many outdoorsman run out of is water. Not that they forgot to bring enough, but because water is heavy and you can only carry so much of it at a time since you are going to be moving around on foot. You need H2O more than anything else, so sometimes you have to get innovative in finding some, especially if it is hot and humid.

You have a handy container for water on you, so go ahead and pull it out. Also, pull out from your backpack any clean plastic bag (or large piece of plastic of any sort). Now, look around and see where the sun is the brightest. Find a tree where the sun is beaming down hotly onto a thick section of leaves, and make sure you can reach them easily. Walk over to that hanging branch of leaves that’s in the sunlight and wrap that plastic bag or large piece of plastic around that thick set of leaves that is in the bright sunlight. Tie it tight around those leaves.

As the sun beams onto that bag with the leaves enclosed inside, tree water from inside of those leaves will begin to evaporate and collect inside of the plastic bag. You can do more than one set of leaves at a time if you have enough plastic bags. If the leaves are in really bright sunlight, it won’t be long before you begin to see a lot of water accumulate in the bottom of the plastic. Once it does, walk over to the bag and poke a little hole in it where a lot of water has been collected. Then, all you do is take your water bottle or canteen and let the water drain into the container.


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