If you Haven’t tried Parasailing Yet, It’s About Time


Are you looking for an adventure that is unlike anything that you’ve tried before? Then maybe it’s time to give parasailing a go. One of the greatest adventure sports for water lovers, parasailing will have you flying in the air and tethered to the back of a boat, while connected to a specially designed open parachute.

Imagine floating high above the ocean next to a beach, or even on a river, as you are towed along through the rushing air. Parasailing gives you the kind of thrill seeking excitement that can be had from skydiving and hang gliding, without having to go to the extreme of jumping out of a plane, or off of a terrifyingly high cliff.

There are a number of hotspots to parasail, no matter what country you’re in. There are parasailing locations in places as distant and unique as India, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the US, Florida is one of the most popular destinations for parasailing, as the beaches and the weather lend themselves to this exciting adventure sport.

Is Parasailing Safe?

As with any adventure sport, you need to be sure that if you book a session, you’re going to be safe. This is especially a concern if you will be taking part with friends or family. Modern parasailers come in single, tandem, and sometimes three seater configurations. You will be attached to the canopy by a safety harness, ensuring that you can’t fall while in the air, but a high quality harness will also have a quick release system so that you can easily escape, should you land suddenly in the water.

It is important that any time you are trying parasailing, you choose an operator with a good reputation for safety. Gear must be maintained regularly, and while you won’t be an expert on the condition of specialized gear, you can be vigilant for equipment that looks old or worn. Don’t be afraid to point anything out and ask questions about the equipment. If the operator is not providing a safety course and additional training instructions, then don’t fly with them. Remember – safety is critical, so never strap up if you aren’t comfortable with the equipment or the operators and instructors.

Other Kinds of Parasailing

Although parasailing is most often performed over water, there are other variations that you can try if they’re more accessible in your area. Parasailing over land follows the exact same principle, except the tow rope will be connected to a vehicle, such as a pick-up truck or SUV. If you’re a beginner, parasailing over water is most recommended, as you won’t need to deal with taking off or landing on difficult terrain.

Be Safe, Have Fun, And Experience Something Different

Parasailing isn’t for everyone, but if you have a thirst for adventure, then a day above the ocean under a canopy, could be exactly what you’re looking for. Remember to find a reputable operator and always pay attention to all safety recommendations, and you’ll find that parasailing is as breathtaking as it is unique.

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