Staying Warm with the Correct Body Insulation


   When you are out in the woods, and know that you are going to be there for a while (whether waiting on rescuers, or if you are completely safe having a good time camping with friends and family) you have to know how to stay warm. What  time of year it is obviously makes a huge difference as to just how chilly conditions may get, but even in the summer months temperatures can be really low (especially at night) in many parts of the United States. If you are planning to continue camping after sundown, this is a good way to retain lots of body heat in emergency situations.

You probably already knew to put on heavy clothes such as long-sleeved shirts, thermal underwear, heavy jeans, knit hats, and gloves. But, if you weren’t planning on being out there that long, and end up having to spend the night outdoors in the forest, you are going to have to find an efficient way to stay warm in your unexpected circumstances. It’s important to remember that you have to use everything around you to your advantage. If you can’t build a fire, you still can use some of the same items that you would to start flames to keep yourself warm until help arrives if you are lost in the woods.

If you have anything in your backpack like newspaper, rags, or anything like that, stuff your clothes with them. Your arm sleeves, the legs of your pants, your shirt, everywhere. Then, after that, look around you for all the dry leaves that you can, and stuff your clothes with them. It may be hard to get the leaves in the back of your shirt. If it is a button up, lay it on the ground in the leaves and fill it with them. Then simply lie on your back into your shirt while it’s still on the ground to get the leaves in your back. Another way would be to tuck your shirt tightly into your pants first, then stuff it as much as you can. You’ll retain lots of body heat until rescuers find you.


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