Indoor Activities vs. Outdoor Fun


Do you prefer video games over field sports?

Do you choose stroll in a mall against walk in a park?

Do you enjoy the shade of indoors versus the sun in the outdoors?

Do you find devices and gadgets attractive over the wonders of nature?


    While the answers to these questions will highlight your inclination towards indoors or the outdoors, both these aspects are equally important in their own way. With passing age, as our preferences change over time, we realize the significance of these activities. Though we may prefer one over the other, both these experiences are essential in the course of our journey. As both indoor and outdoor activities shower their own advantages, benefits, highlights and lowlights, striking a perfect balance between the two is extremely essential. Making use of their unique characteristics, our choices should reflect the happiness in both.

   Depending on season, hour, weather and mood, preference of indoor activities or outdoor adventures experience constant variation. While indoor games, hobbies and tasks inculcate elements of patience, stability, intelligence and constructive analysis; outdoor activities are essential for shades of confidence, bravery, social connectivity and networking. Indoor engagements work on the mental faculties of our body, while outdoor tasks polish the physical aspects. Enriching our mind with beneficial ideas and inspirational thoughts, indoor peace ensures successful outcome. Outdoor activities play an important role towards development and progress of our personality.

    Enjoying each of these activities at the proper time in a perfect manner can prove useful. Staying indoors during a sunny weekend or walking around on a cold evening can offer nothing besides bad impact on the health. Necessary for the overall development of our body, making good use of the available resources is extremely beneficial.

  From outdoor activities of camping, cycling, boating, swimming, gardening or shopping to indoor fun aspects of playing cards, drawing, painting, reading or writing, each category contains wide range of options for its patrons. Though we realize the significance of both these contrasting teams, we often tend to move towards one style over the other. While some may prefer staying indoors all through the week and even on the weekends, others may always look around for an opportunity to escape outdoors.

    Right from the childhood, equal incorporation of indoor and outdoor activities is essential for our overall progress. Offering adequate time for studies, sports and hobbies, school curriculum ensures proper balance between all. Unnecessary stress on indoors or outdoors alone can never yield any satisfactory results. Excessive involvement into indoor activities can hamper with flow of fresh thoughts while staying outdoors always can prove tiring leading to decreased concentration. This makes it necessary to involve both these factors in equal amounts.

Let us look at the beneficial highlights of each before we choose our favorite team!






  • Develops the mental faculties of our mind – enables channelizing of good thoughts, constructive ideas, beneficial aspects and interesting concepts.


  • Improves concentration, provides peace, and enables contemplation for fruitful development in life.


  • Increases inclination towards self-evaluation, provides time to understand interests, likes and dislikes before deciding a final choice.


  • Offers peace of mind, calmness, stability and improves relations with family.






  • Expands the horizon by showing endless possibilities, opportunities, scope and choices.


  • Motivates freshness and energy, fills enthusiasm for progress.


  • Improves physical strength, elevates mood and shows positivity.


  • Enables development of healthy relations and social network.


Such are the aspects of outdoors versus indoors as adventures of life demand both sun and shade. Enjoy the calm while rejoice in the fun, after all experiences of both bring wonders in the long run.



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