How to Properly Use your Survival Bracelet


    Survival bracelets are one of the best items a woodsman can have. You can find them in almost any outdoor section of a department store. Some people refer to them as Para-cord bracelets. They got this nickname because parachutes and many other types of equipment that are used by the military are made out of the same material that the cords on one of these bracelets is. What makes these so attractive to outdoorsmen is the fact that they are so compact. They go right around your arm easily, and allow you to always have a good bit of emergency rope handy at all times.

In order to use your survival bracelet effectively, try not to cut the cord too much when taking it apart. Sometimes the rope is removed easily, but after wearing it many times without ever taking it apart it can be a little hard to get out the initial rope without using a knife to create an open end. As long as if when you do cut it you slice from the very end where the rope on the bracelet starts, you’ll only cut about a centimeter or so, and you’ll be good to go. It only takes about two or three minutes to unravel the tough, durable cord and begin using it for multiple purposes.

If you need to tie up your food to a tree to protect it from animals, these cords are strong enough to do so. If you have to collect fire sticks and branches, you can use your rope from the bracelet to tie both ends of the bundle of sticks, toss them over your shoulder and head back to the campsite. The rope can be used to set traps as well. (Note: The small piece of rope that was sliced when you were cutting it from the bracelet should be saved as well – it can be used later as a fire starter).

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