How to Use Tent Rods and Picks to Grill Food


    A basic necessity for anyone going hiking or camping are tents. So, we go the store, find one that we like, and head out for our exciting trip. We get there, build the tent, and realize that we have bought way too many picks and rods, and now have extra ones all over the place. You think to yourself “Dang, I spent too much money…”, but you can still use them innovatively. If you set up these extra picks correctly, you can actually use them as a grill over your fire.

If you are on a camping trip with friends and family and the grill is full, this is a fun experiment no matter if you are grilling meat that you bought from a general store or if you caught fresh fish or live game. Sure, you could hold your food over the fire while its pierced with a rod or pick and cook it that way, but the metal pick will quickly get to a high hot temperature in your hands. This may work for marshmallows, but it will be super time consuming if you try and cook meat that way.

Take three or four of those extra tent rods, and tie them together on opposite ends. Then, find two logs of the same height with flat top surfaces and place them on opposite sides of the fire. Sit the rods on top of those logs like a grill, and use two nice sized rocks to hold them in place atop the logs. Wahlah! You have an open flamed campfire grilltop! Find a bunch of bark from your favorite tree (different kinds produce different smoke for various flavors), and feed the fire to your liking. Everyone will wonder what smells so good as the meat begins to roast over the flames!


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