Innovative Uses for a Poncho


People don’t put enough thought or consider how important it really is to bring a poncho on their outdoor expedition. It’s because they don’t readily see the immediate need for them, firstly because the cheapest ones are disposable and secondly because if it doesn’t rain then they feel that there is no use for them. The ponchos that are light and are made of plastic rip really easily, and are not a good idea to bring out in the woods with you. You’ll be walking past branches and twigs almost the whole time, and those ones that cost like a dollar won’t last a few minutes on a deep woods hike.

When you are in the outdoor section at the department store, take a few more moments to look around and buy a poncho that will last you for a while. If you are an avid outdoorsman, it will benefit you timewise as well as financially to get a good, durable poncho, one that will last you for years. The truth is a poncho is not always used, and will not even leave your bag on most outdoor camping or hiking trips. But it’s good to know that it is there when you need it, especially if the weatherman mixed up his cold and rainy forecast with a hot and sunny one!

But ponchos can also be used as a makeshift shelter cover if necessary. In emergency situations, they will still protect you from the rain when you have to spontaneously assemble several logs to build the bones of the tent-like structure. Simply lay your big poncho over the top of it, and you’ll stay dry for hours. Not only can your poncho protect you from water, but it also will help you collect some if you’ve run out. While it’s raining and you are donning it, hold out the front section of the poncho with one hand, let the rain collect in it. Then simply dip your water bottle or canteen in the water with the other hand until the container is full.


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