How to Smoke Meat with Wood Chips


    As a survivalist you have to have good cooking skills on a trip that will go on for several days. As long as your water is purified, it can be used to clean meats that you catch, scale fish, etc. Even if you brought your own meat, you can still make the flavor unique using a very natural outdoor resource – wood chips. The kind that you use will determine the flavor of your grilled meat, and after you get to know what chips hold what type of smoke, you’ll begin to match up the kind of flavors you like with the certain type of meat they taste the best with.

If you have chips from an Applewood tree, for example, you can expect your smoked meat to get a sweet taste to it. Hickory wood chips burn very long, and when you smoke your meat outdoors with them they will give it richer flavor. If you want a heavier, more robust flavor, shave wood chips from an Oakwood tree. There are many types of these kinds of trees. You could shave chips from White or a Red Oak for example, and all it takes is a thorough survey of the land around you to find out what is available in the woods nearby to flavor your meat to perfection.

There’s no electricity out there of course, so you’ll be using the more traditional way to smoke your meat with wood chips, with a fire that has burned down to the final embers. Once it is low to the ground, stack logs around it. Whatever you are using as the surface to place your meat onto, position it on the logs over the burning embers, then place two more logs on both sides of that surface which is holding the meat. These two additional logs will prevent the large, leaf filled limbs that you use to trap the smoke inside from laying directly on top of your meat.

Now you simply check it every hour or so, adding more wood chips for thicker smoke as you see fit. Let your nose be the judge, and enjoy your meal!


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