Using What Animals Left Behind to your Advantage


    A trait of a good outdoorsman is resourcefulness. He or she must always be able to use all of their surroundings as a way to help them. Without this skill, they could be missing out on plenty of things that are provided by nature that can assist them greatly if they, say, ran out of a certain supply and need a natural remedy for a specific situation. That being said, if you are an avid survivalist, you need to know that it will always benefit you to never throw anything away, no matter how disgusting it may seem.

It’s not that you will have to carry around things like animal droppings just to stay alive! But certain leavings by animals can actually help you attract food. Let’s say that you want to skin some wild game for dinner, and set a trap to catch something to grill over the campfire later. How will you get an animal to come to it? Well, the urine from female mammals are a great attractor of animals to get them to walk right to your set trap. The animal skins after they are cleaned can also be used to make handy sacks that can be used to carry small items on your person.

Bones are probably the most used part of a dead animals’ body. They have been used to make everything from sharp weapons to very handy tools that an avid survivalist will find very handy. Outdoorsman take pride in knowing how to use excess parts that animals have left behind. The more and more you learn how to use your surroundings, the less man-made materials you’ll consider buying before going out on your camping or hiking expedition. Before you know it, the entire landscape you plan to cover (whether it is woods-filled or clear) will begin to feel better than the outdoors section where you used to spend tons of unnecessary money!


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