Glow Sticks are Helpful in the Great Outdoors


    If you have attended a rave party or just a packed nightclub, you’ve seen lots of glow sticks on the scene. They are not just used for partying, but are used by many societal entities for safety reasons. They are used very much by the military, and have become a necessity over many decades. Glow sticks are also used by law enforcement. If someone gets lost on a camping trip, you’ll be happy to know that rescue teams also use glow sticks to their advantage every chance they get. The bright sticks makes the misplaced person spot them way more easily after dark, and they can yell “I’m over here!” after seeing the search party hundreds of yards away.

If that lost person has glow sticks on them, the rescuers would be able to spot them just as easily. You can purchase handy glow sticks in all types of colors. Normally popular ones or blue, red green, orange, or pink. Club goers sometimes pick their glow sticks because of the color of their outfits or to match the color-theme of the party they are attending. The best color for an outdoorsman to get are white or yellow because they are the most noticeable in the dark.

There is a certain way to position your glow sticks on your person in order to be seen by rescuers. Get out a few pieces of string (maybe a para cord from a survival bracelet) and activate a few of the bright glow sticks. Hang them in any way you can all over your back pack, and hang a few of them around your neck as you would a necklace. In the dark, you will look like a big moving lightbulb to anyone overhead or even a few hundred yards away at night, and you’ll be rescued more easily.


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