Build a Campfire with Aluminum Foil


    This technique can be used in emergency or leisure time situations, and is a very efficient way to start a campfire when the outside conditions may challenge your repeated attempts of doing so. Most people who go outdoors enough pretty much know what it takes to build a really good burning campfire. They also know what to feed it to keep the fire going for an extended period of time. But how can aluminum foil be used to help create one? We all know the texture of foil, and we surely shouldn’t feed the flames with it. But foil can assist you when initially getting your campfire going.

Aluminum foil is always an item that you want to take with you on a camping trip, mostly because you’ll need to wrap up and store food to keep it edible. But if it rained unexpectedly, the ground itself is sometimes too damp to get a good fire going. You need a dry surface to begin with, and foil is perfect. Simply lay a few pieces of it on the ground, and grab a few leaves and twigs to get it going. Once it begins to burn, that wet ground underneath the foil won’t be a complicating thing anymore, and will dry up in a snap.

If the ground is really damp, there is an even more effective way to go about starting your campfire with foil. Find yourself a rock, one that is about the size of a baseball when you hold it in your hand. Put the rock on the ground, and put the foil (a few pieces) over top it. What you want to do it try to form the foil into a cup shape, using the rock itself as a molding tool. Then you simply flip it over and toss the leaves and twigs inside of it. Build the fire to the size you want, and enclosed the flames with rocks, as usual.


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