How to Make a Whole Pack of Char Cloths


   If you are planning on camping out in the woods for a few days, you’ll need to start a fire at some point. There are plenty of ways to catch a spark, but it’s always good to have something in your gear that you can catch a flame to quickly and easily. If you have ever tried to light a fire in cold weather, then you know firsthand how difficult it can be, especially if it is kind of windy. Ignitable char cloths are a must have for many outdoorsmen for this very reason.

Buying char cloths at the store is always an option. You can get them online or at your local department store for around $10 for a pack of them. But, you want to save as much money as you can as a person who goes on outdoor expeditions frequently and buys these types of items that are needed often. Char cloths are an expense that you can easily eliminate, and there is a super easy way to have a very large supply of them on standby. If you go camping multiple times a year, you’ll have saved yourself about $75-80 annually by making your own.

Find an old towel, or an old t-shirt, and rip it up into pieces that are about the same size as the average char cloths that you’d normally buy. Get a small metal container with a metal lid, roll up your towel and or t-shirt pieces and put them inside of it (any metal container with a firm fitting metal lid is fine, just make sure you won’t need that container for anything else). Then, burn the container with the cloths inside. When the container is blackened, you can be sure that the towel and t-shirt pieces inside of it are too. Take a look at them when the container cools down. They are blackened, will still be in-tact, and are now ready to be stored or used immediately as your char cloths for starting campfires.


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