Consider a Guitar Case for your Carry Pack


      There are many places around the United States where outdoorsman travel to explore. As we visit place to place, we’re more and more excited on each of our hiking and camping trips. Still, we sometimes want to remain sort of low-key when visiting a new area. We don’t want to look like tourists, but the average survival back pack will give you away every time. But, there is one way to blend in with the locals – use a guitar case for your survival pack. Sure, it is somewhat unorthodox, but you’ll be surprised how many more items you can carry at a time.

Of course, you would not want to carry one of the hard-framed heavy ones. Talk about weak legs at the end of a hike! No, what you want is one of the tough cloth ones, and brown leather is best. As you know, a normal-sized back pack can only fit supplies in an area from your shoulder area to the base of your back. But a cloth guitar case has almost another foot and a half of space that rises behind your head for any extra items that you want to bring along.

You should still use the same method for loading your guitar case survival pack as you would a normal backpack from your waist to your shoulders and place the lightest items in the bottom of the pack and the heaviest ones on top. The extra room in your guitar case behind your head should not have very heavy items compared to the ones directly beneath… anything in this high area should only be light or, at most, medium weight, so you’ll still be able to maintain a balanced stride while hiking. So, to remain inconspicuous as a tourist, this type of back pack is a really great idea. Just be sure that your leather guitar case has shoulder straps that are the same as a normal survival pack to maintain the same level of comfort.


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