Constructing Your Own Survival Torch


    When I think about a survival torch, for some reason a medieval setting pops into my mind. I envision soldiers with long sticks that have fire coming out of the top of them. If you are going out into the woods you likely have a handy flashlight that you will use anyway. My advice for the best flashlights would be to get yourself a spotlight. It is the same kind that a person who delivers newspapers at dark early hours in the morning uses to see the number address on a house from their delivery vehicle. In the woods, you’d also be able to see something from far away, and these lights would be great to send an S.O.S. signal.

But still, sometimes you’ll have the rare occurrence of your flashlight batteries running out, and will need some immediate light to see your path. In this situation, a survival torch is your best friend. Be careful when you are doing this, and realize that your survival torch will only last for a while. The good news is that if you are in the woods you’ll never run out of the supplies to make one…they are all immediately around you!

Find yourself a thick stick that is about three or four feet long. Then, take your field knife and split the branch down the middle on one end. Do your best to find a thick branch so that it splits well, about six to eight inches down. If you can find a Birch tree that would be best, because that bark is very flammable. If not, find similar bark from another tree and insert it into the six to eight inch slit that you made in the stick. Light the bark, and you have yourself a survival torch to light your way! (Note: Be sure to tilt the torch out at a forward slant in front of you as you walk, so that any small embers fall away from your body.)


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