Tips for Easier Camping


Camping is out. Glamping is in. Purists say that camping hacks are against the spirit of minimalism that defines traditional camping, but who doesn’t like trying out neat little tricks that make the experience more fun and decadent? Here are some hacks to amp your camp.

Make an earth oven. Dig a pit and throw some fire-heated rocks in to cook meat over it. If you want to steam your food, just cover it with green leaves and some water. But make sure to choose hard edged rocks as smooth rocks have moisture trapped in them. On heating, the water turns to steam, puts pressure on the rock and causes it to explode.

Strap a headlamp to a plastic water jug to get brilliant diffused ambient light.

Use yoga mats or foam tiles to pad your tent floor.

Use a cylindrical tin can to hold your toilet paper. Make a thin slit in it to pull out the paper. Its a very easy way to keep your toilet paper dry and crush-proof.

Refashion your empty tic-tac containers into a makeshift spice rack.

Make your own portable washer. Take a big plastic paint can, cut a small hole on top of the lid, load your lothes and detergent in it, close the lid. Now slide a good old-fashioned bathroom plunger through the hole and apply some elbow grease to have it act as the agitator. “Wring out the clothes, wring in the dew.”

Burning rosemary or sage over coal helps to keep away the mosquitoes.

Turn a metal rake into a grill to cook all your sausages at once.

Freeze drinking water and place it in your cooler. It’ll help keep the food cold and you’ll have extra supply of drinking water in case you run out.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of defecating in the woods, make your own toilet. Take a plastic bucket, turn a milk-crate upside down, cut a hole in it and place it on top of the bucket. Add a toilet seat on top and you can lug your loo around.


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