Simple Guide to Camping with Kids


Camping with kids is a lot of work for the parents, but it’s a great way of making memories. There are many lessons that they can learn from camping apart from all the fun they have . It teaches them to appreciate nature, they acquire new skills, learn to have fun on a tight budget (a quality that will definitely help them when they grow up) and most importantly, it lets them be kids. With some planning, you can pull off a trip filled with excitement that leaves them wanting for more and teaches them how to get it. Here are some pointers:

Involve them in the planning – This is the most vital aspect of the trip. It teaches them to think for themselves and they cherish it more. Pitch umbrella tents indoors for weeks before you go camping to get them excited. Have them plan the menu, blow up sleeping bags, gather firewood, pick snacks and decide what they want to bring along. You have to let them make their own mistakes.

Pick a safe spot and practice safety routines – It’s important to choose relatively safe terrain and have a first aid kit ready. Teach them how to use it and monitor them while they do it. Identify poisonous plants and berries with them and make sure educate them on the difference between wild animals and pets. Get them a safety whistle so that they can signal the group if they stray away.

Take toys, games and plan fun activites for them to do – Have some toys and board games ready in case they get bored. Organize a scavenger hunt, read stories around the campfire, search the night sky for constellations, collect fireflies in a jar, build sandcastles, and take them zorbing if there are open spaces. You can also take them to do some fishing and birdwatching.

Have enough food and drinks handy – All this activity is going to make your kids hungry. Make sure you have an ample supply of snacks. You can pack hot dogs and have them cook it over the campfire (with proper supervision). Make sure you also have a lot of drinks to prevent dehydration.

Make memories – Bring a camera and capture the special moments on video. It will give you something to remember and cherish; and before you know it, they will want to do it again.


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