Five Fun Things to Do When Camping


Like Aldo Leopold says, wilderness areas are a series of sanctuaries for the the primitive art of wilderness travel. And of all such arts, camping is the most fun. It’s a refreshing way to bond with someone and it affords a lot of time for leisure and games. Simple activities like sharpening a knife or sunbathing acquire new colour outdoors. The difference isn’t just physical, its metaphysical. Here are some fun things you can do to remember the trip and cherish it for long after:

Water Sports – From Canoeing and swimming to zorbing and playing water volleyball, camping near water leaves you with a lot of options that’ll make you wet with excitement.

Paintball – Why go to a paintball arena when the woods offer the perfect battlefield setting for it? Apart from the usual variations like “Capture the Flag”, “King of the Hill”, “Hunger Games” and “Common Foe”, you can try some new ones like counter-attack after your territory has been taken. Natural ridges and big tall trees would make the suspense blood thumpingly exciting

Fright by the torchlight – Even though it’s traditional, there’s a reason that it never gets old. A good old-fashioned horror story by the campfire when you’re huddled tight would give you the gooseflesh if done right. Leave this up to the raconteur in the group.

Card games – The limitless variety of card games, from Poker to Uno, makes it ideal for camping. Pack them in freezer bags to make sure they don’t get wet.

Explore Nature – Doing a scavenger hunt or collecting fireflies in a jar is a great way to keep the kids occupied. You can go on a photo safari, catalogue the flora and fauna, do a bit of birdwatching, pick berries and nuts, make rabbit traps and feed them the nuts.

Geocaching – A relatively new recreational activity where you use a GPS receiver to hide or look for containers, called “caches”, anywhere in the world. Use any of the free geocaching apps or sites to discover caches hidden by others.

Remember, if you are not able to do all you want to, there’s always the next trip. Just hang a hammock between the trees, gaze at the stars as you fall asleep and be surprised at how easily you forget eveything.


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