Camping Outdoors – Everything You Should Put in Your Camping First Aid Kit


It is very important to have a first aid kit while camping outside. While it is fun, and exhilarating to interact with nature, it is equally important to understand the dangers out there, and be prepared for it. You can stock your first aid kit based on the place you are going to camp as well. For example, if you are camping in a relatively known safe place then you need only the basic things like bandages, sunscreen, bug sprays and all. But if you are camping in an unknown area, or a dangerous place like a forest, then you might need to include a snake bite kit in your first aid kit as well. Following are the basic things that you need to put in your camping first aid kit.

1. Wound and burn care

While camping, you might go trekking, or do other recreational activities. So there is a good chance that you might fall down and break your skin, or sprain your ankle. So always pack bandages, blister pads, gauze pads, elastic bandages for wrapping sprains, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic wipes and cream. While cooking you might burn your hand, so pack burn ointment, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide.

2. Medical essentials

There is a good chance that you might not find any medical supply store near to your camp site, so take your prescription medications with you. Also pack gastrointestinal medicines, anti-diarrhea medicines, antihistamines, and topical antibiotic cream.

3. Tools

It is recommended to have basic tools in your first aid kit as well. Include tweezers, scissors, magnifying glass, safety pins, duct tapes, medical gloves, waterproof matches, needle with thread, water purification tablets, small razor blade, flashlight, batteries, clippers, and emergency blanket.

Outdoor camping can be an amazing experience as long as you take precautions, and be ready for any emergencies.


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